You are hopelessly addicted to my intoxicating scent and taste. Wearing minimal lingerie and my thigh high boots I order you to sniff lick and clean between my sweaty ass cheeks. Feeling weak? Of course you are. Are you thirsty? It doesn't matter. As my human toilet you serve to swallow every drop that comes out of me.


A Slave's Fear Always Turns Me On

Lounging in garters and stockings on my chaise with a pathetic slave under my ass. This is Domme life right? I rock back and forth and bounce up and down as I do like the feeling of suffering under me, knowing he’s panicking. When I get up he gasps but before he can catch his breath I sit down again sealing his airways. I feel like I'm riding a pony with him frantically kicking for his life,

Face Flattening Foreplay

Knowing that I'm gradually flattening his face makes me feel satisfied.  With my slave so close to my pussy and ass how could anyone call this torture? I can't see or hear him, nor do I want to but I can certainly feel him and he feels wonderful struggling for air under me.  Facesitting a sub is the perfect form of foreplay to sex with an alpha male. Thank me for the intense cardio workout as I prime my clit by crushing it against your nose.

Do you enjoy our bath time, hubby?

I love alternating between cruelty and kindness towards my cuckold husband, and make him suffer to the max for moments of intimacy and tenderness. While I make him massage me in the tub I smother him with my hands, breast and ass... While I cuddle him I quickly get him body scissors while covering his face with my hands. I tell him all about my hot sex dates with other men. Maybe he can't hear while he is submerged...

Bathtime Worship

You are my filthy, desperate and addicted houseboy.  If only I allowed you to worship my entire delicious body.  Maybe one day you will earn your way to the tasks you dream of.  For now you get to help me prepare for a hot date by running the bath and pampering my feet.  Watch and yearn.  Enjoy drinking my bath water.


Breathe If You Can

This unscripted video was taken with my phone and includes pieces of a recent session in a hotel room.  My subbie loves being physically dominated and I enjoy working out so it was a win win situation for us.  Lots of ass and breast domination, reverse scissoring, and a handjob reward.  Watch me facesit, squeeze and do pushups at the same time.  If you are a fan of hand over mouth you will love this.  Video has been dubbed with music for privacy.  Be my fly on the wall and wish you could take it this hard.

Facesit and Squeeze

Mistress Mutiny and I love challenging our slaves. While siting on the throne she squeezes with her powerful legs while I sit on his face. I grind and bounce on his nose while she scissors and enjoys the view. Slave is stuck and doesn't get a view, nor does he deserve one. I turn around and together we create the perfect seal. Mistress Mutiny and I decide to switch places. Between the pressure of my strong sinewy legs and Mutiny's plump juicy ass there is not much breathing happening. While I turn around and scissor the slave in reverse Mutiny facesits him front and back. Slave struggles for his life and Mistresses enjoy ourselves. This is the way it should be.


I have no issues about making my house bitch suffer under me, after all it makes him a better man.  Sometimes I enjoy watching entire movies on his face while he breathes in my pussy and ass.  With his head bent back I straddle his face in my sexy red lingerie and smother him front and back.  I could break his neck but then who would carry my groceries?  Would you like to be in his place? Too bad most of you are such whimps.  This one gets the special treat of my cum stained panties. Life is good.

Leopard Latex Worship

In this sexy music video I'm strutting in my Miami hotel room wearing a short gold leopard latex dress, matching sky high bling pumps and my short blonde wig.  Follow my hands as I dance and shine my rubber and imagine you were the lucky one worshiping my perfectly lubed up body.


I've finished beating my slave and am ready to reward him.  Wearing sexy lingerie I tell him I'm going to facesit him, but come come with jeans. “I thought for safety reasons that you’d like the barrier” I laugh, knowing full well he’d prefer silky panties over my denim seams against his face.   Lot of hard sadistic grinding, doing the splits on his face, and heavy crushing of the slave's nose which you can hear on camera. Suffer and smell my farts now...