Pool Lessons with Bob

This is a funny behinds the scene outtake of my Cuckie Meets Pool Boy video.  After cuckie gets a load of cum from my ball I order him to remain on the table while my videographer Bob (of Bobs T Girls) gives me a mini poollesson.

They're disgusting and dirty

I always have a blast when Lady Bellatrix comes to visit me from Europe. Today we are talking about the dirty and disgusting men who come our way. We are dolled up for a sex party and our slaves are confined to the dungeon. We watch them through our surveillance camera on our phones and zap Lady Bellatrix's slave with a remote controlled app. Most men are beta cuckolds who nevertheless can entertain us. Maybe you will be next!

Do you enjoy our bath time, hubby?

I love alternating between cruelty and kindness towards my cuckold husband, and make him suffer to the max for moments of intimacy and tenderness. While I make him massage me in the tub I smother him with my hands, breast and ass... While I cuddle him I quickly get him body scissors while covering his face with my hands. I tell him all about my hot sex dates with other men. Maybe he can't hear while he is submerged...

Office Dickhead Service

What does it take for this lowly slave to get hired?  To spend his day grovelling by my feet and to "prime" me for dates, at my command.  At least he will always be hard when he is on his knees wearing this latex face dildo.  When a real man comes over this pathetic loser will be left under the desk.  Lots of humiliating and teasing talk.  What else can slave do to impress me and prove his worth?  Servitude as a human toilet is a must at my office.

Hubby I Fucked a Lot of Men

Welcome home hubby.  Did you have a good business trip locked in your chastity device? I hope it was a profitable one since I've had quite the self indulgent time while you were gone.  Between Tinder dates with hot studs and champagne brunches with girlfriends.   My pussy is sore from getting fucked but I still need more cock...not yours though.  I describe in detail the sweaty sex that happened on our bed. I strip my sexy lingerie off and show you what you could never enjoy.  Keep yourself locked up cause I'm never using that little thing.  This bra and panty set will be auctioned off on Ebanned.



Her Cock is Much Bigger

Why do I stay married to this loser? Well I have friends like Stscie whose cock is much bigger than my cuckold loser. Not only is he jealous that I'm getting fucked by a beautiful well endowed Shemale, but he's also pathetic because of his tiny inadequate cock. No divorce is needed.

Persuaded Bi Fuckfest

This completely unscripted clip was was filmed by my sexy girlfriend during a real session: My submissive cuckold is made to worship my well hung lover's feet, cock, and my ass before I get fucked hard. My lovely blonde girlfriend watches and giggles and even joins in a little duo ballbusting of the sub. The lucky cucky gets loads of spit and a huge load of my lover's cum in his mouth to finish. Perfectly humiliating and degrading video:)

Cucky I Have Cum For You

I just got home from a long night and morning of group sex.  My cucky slave is waiting and I tell him that I have come for him.  What I mean is I have cum for him.  Wearing my tight little dress with no panties and high heels I spread my legs and stick my fingers in my pussy.  Fresh cum oozes out down my leg on the floor for him to lick him. My tiles are always clean because my slave polishes them this way.  I push out another gush of cum.  Its hard to remember how many loads I take when I'm having fun.  This is what a long delicious night tastes like. This is how my slave gets his protein. Next time I go out and party I'm taking you with me. For now its clean up time.



Although you will never get to fuck Me, your hot eacher crush who has been keeping you after class, I see you have be improving in your studies so I decide to give you a treat: through my delicious creamy panties. No you dont get to keep them and jerk off to them you silly boy.  You only get to clean them with your tongue.  In fact I'm wearing them tonight after class to my hot date.  Get on your knees, watch me stuff them in my juicy pussy and clean them completely.  Tomorrow after class you will do the same thing, except tomorrow it will  taste different because a real man's cum will be in them.  Going forward will continue your training everyday after class.

TS Rianna James Strapon

Today TS Rianna James brings over her camera to show you, her pathetic online fan how I, your wife and cuckoldress like to play.  Since you can't please in bed and won't get to fuck either of us just sit there and dream while jerking off.  Watch us make out passionately and taste each others' breasts... watch Rianna give me the type of blowjow you wish you were getting.  Rianna takes my massive strapon like a champ and then gets on top to ride me.  She cums loudly and squirts prostate fluid all over my stomach.  Time to clean it up hubby I'm slowly training you to be a better cuckold.