HOM Leather Clinic

In this special clinic the relaxation methods are rather untraditional: I'm decked out in leather and use my long leather opera gloves to sooth you and take your pain away.  Breathe deep into my gloves.  Fellow my voice, focus on the soft leather touch on your face and find yourself in a state of euphoria.  Become deeply mesmerized and float amongst the clouds.  Big puffy black leather clouds...

Big Boobs Leather Gloves

You're a little jerkaholic who just can't resist stroking it in your rest, wake, bathroom and/or office. I know you can't resist my big boobs and leather gloves so you may as well get it over with now, so that you can go on with your day... but only if you do it my way. Stare and stroke but don't you dare bust a nut until I instruct you to do so. Let's see if you can last for me...

HOM in Dentist Chair

My victim is restrained to a vintage dentist chair and ordered to inhale deeply into my leather gloves.  I walk around him caressing and teasing him and watching him become more and more passive.  I know that leather gloves are his ultimate weakness and between the strength of my hands and my leather turning him to putty he will soon be out.

Leather and Lace Elixir

Worship my worn leather boots and new pair of lace and leather gloves. Where will you start? With my boots or my sexy gloves? Decisions, decisions.

Evil Leather Gloves

In this sensual evil POV I restrain you with leather cuffs and tie your cock and balls up with rope and tease you with your ultimate weakness: beautiful lambskin leather gloves and leather boots.  I stroke your helpless cock starting and stopping and making you sniff my leather palms.  With one hand on your cock and one over your mouth just when you think you are about to cum I will pull that rope so tightly that you can't.  All subs need discipline with their unruly cocks. I slowly strip down and finish you off with the ultimate countdown.



I open a box of leather gloves. As my slave I order you to pick out which pair I will destroy you with. This is a serious fashion show! I model different gloves, some short, some studded, some longer. All leather. I describe smell,texture, and make you smell them too. Finally I put on my lambskin opera length gloves and massage your face with them. Hand over mouth with opera gloves, and voila you are finished.