Big Boobs Leather Gloves

You're a little jerkaholic who just can't resist stroking it in your rest, wake, bathroom and/or office. I know you can't resist my big boobs and leather gloves so you may as well get it over with now, so that you can go on with your day... but only if you do it my way. Stare and stroke but don't you dare bust a nut until I instruct you to do so. Let's see if you can last for me...

Pop Buffet

My girlfriend Koi is a "pop" connoisseur, and she has brought her bag of goodies with her. You will inhale ALL the bottles- a sensory overload- and you will be left helpless and horny. Then, you will stroke for us. Cum all over yourself, whore! We can’t wait to see what you got! 


Model My Dirty Stockings

What kind of stocking fetishist are you? Do you like the look, smell, feel.....all of the above? We're gonna take this a step further. You're gonna model a pair of my worn stockings and jerk off in them. Cuz you're the kind of freak that likes to wear them, aren't you? Includes a countdown at the end. Guess who is going to clean up the mess? You are! 

Devoted Shoe Whore

Thanks for buying me these gorgeous heels. I wore them out once on a date, and now you're going to return them to brand new condition! Use your tongue and whip out your dick. I'll help you along with a countdown. If you don't cum at the stroke of one, you'll have to buy me a new pair! 

Foot Worship Challenge

Let's play a game.  I know your desire to be the best foot slave ever, but do you really have what it takes?  I slowly tease you with my Louboutin open toed heels. I take them off gradually dangling them with my toes. My beautiful dirty feet make you so weak and stupid and its so easy to take advance of you. I instruct you on how to stroke and how to cum with by using my feet since you're always doing it wrong.  Imagine my toes are your hands and stroke with the same rhythm.  When I cross my leg you stop.  Are you ready?


Evil Leather Gloves

In this sensual evil POV I restrain you with leather cuffs and tie your cock and balls up with rope and tease you with your ultimate weakness: beautiful lambskin leather gloves and leather boots.  I stroke your helpless cock starting and stopping and making you sniff my leather palms.  With one hand on your cock and one over your mouth just when you think you are about to cum I will pull that rope so tightly that you can't.  All subs need discipline with their unruly cocks. I slowly strip down and finish you off with the ultimate countdown.


My Stinky Flats

I'm dressed in lingerie and a pair of very smelling ballet flats. I slowly take them off to tease you with my pretty bare feet (mainly soles) and instruct you to worship my sweaty soles toes and shoes. Imagine I've giving you a foot job: jerk off to me but follow the same slow rhythm as my feet. Stop and go as I instruct. I finish with a cum countdown, telling you to take big sniffs of my smelly feet as you cum. This is a custom video and a name is used few times throughout.

Duo Breast Worship

Are you obsessed with big juicy tits? Koi Erotica and I know you cannot resist our oiled up boobs. We give you a slow and seductive tease. Enjoy jerking your cock on our command.


I know the real reason why you can't your eyes on your textbook. Your pervy secret stocking fetish is out.  The real question is how badly do you want to pass my class? Im happy to send you home with an F, but I also like taunting desperate horny boys.  My job is to teach and today's lesson is in worshipping my sweaty seamed stockings.  Take your cocklette out and stroke to my stockings while I stroke to my ruler.  We will try this everyday after class until I feel your concentration improves.  I stick one pungent stocking in your mouth and countdown till you cum on my other stocking.


Mistress Sydney and I know what a loser you are and that your cock serves you zero purpose except for your chronic masturbation needs. We decide to lock your cock up and pacify you through chastity training. We agree that one week is a good start but it will lead to longer. Your cock will look prettier in its cage and its bars for CBT. I want this to be a painful learning experience for you. Once you are locked you will start buying and watching lots of our videos and attempt to jerk off through the cage. Lock yourself up and send us the key.