Stupid hungry sissy

TS Staci and I have been humiliating my sissy slave.  I'm filming this video and talking to Staci and humiliating the slave.  Sissy is made to wear a very stupid looking latex mask with big red lips which make it impossible to talk but easy to suck dick.  I've trained sissy to be a hungry cock whore and she works very hard deepthroating TS Staci's huge cock...sucking all the protein out of her.  Sissy is rewarded by licking Staci's ass and balls and being allowed to cum.   

Silicone Cum Slut

My slave and I are in the hot tub together. I have him in my blonde rubber face mask as sometimes I like to pretend he's an attractive woman. I tell slave that he doesn't deserve to see my beautiful face and I slip another rubber mask on myself. I talk about the facet that I feel more attractive to him now. I may even have sex with him if he were all covered in rubber and silicone. I tell him about fake being better than real and that he has no idea how I feel or what my expression is while I fondle him. I notice how hard his cock has become and decide to him a long, hard handjob.

Gender Plastic

Bijou Steal had previousy edited a few of my mask fetish videos and found my transformation from Jasmine to Subrina to be fascinating. We talk about the allure of hiding our own emotions and expressing ourselves freely in other ways while masked.  I help Bijou put on her own mask for the first time and she becomes "Adrianna". In this erotic, candid and funny video we describe in slightly muffled voices how we feel in our new fake selves while exploring each others new facial feature.  Do our sexual preferences change? I know Bijou is not into women, but as Adrianna she agrees to kiss me. We discuss the fake vs realness of our rubber faces and our rubber cocks.  We decide to switch masks and see what happens.  Shall we go out with our enhanced faces and personalities?  In the dark no one will be able to see the real us, but we will recognize everyone including that hot neighbour...




In this dangerously sexy film noir I'm dressed in a latex bodysuit, rubber stockings and Catwoman mask.  My lucky slave is wearing only a gas mask and I shine my body all over his hard cock.  Watch me tease and taunt him using my spit, hands, feet and slippery ass.  I make him worship my stockings and reward him with a sexy foot job and hand job which ends in an explosive mess.  Filmed in colour and black and white and a lot of lube :-)


Human chaise is wearing a latex hood and I'm wearing latex bra panties which is a dangerous combination for air lock. I am testing out this new piece of furniture to see if it is worthy of my collection. I sit on his face in every position until his pupils are dialated and he panics for air. I love the way he feels against my wet pussy and ass and how his panics vibrate into me. I tell him while laughing that the next test will involve a bathtub and my scissors around his neck. Wouldn't you love to be in his place?