Drink My Coffee

I've been shooting fetish videos all day, drinking coffee and wearing a stiff corset which puts a ton of pressure on my bladder. I notice you watching, hungry with your mouth open. Get down, keep your mouth slave and take all my nectar. You will taste my double filtered coffee and it will give you energy. Afterwards you will have to clean the floor with your tongue until it is spotless.

Peeping Tom Swallows P

You barge in on me while I'm about to take a leak. How predictable. You want me to get angry at you. Well, I have something better to do: Make you swallow my piss while you stare at my pussy. And you're going to jerk off while you're doing it! Hahaha.....It's the only way I could ever imagine watching whip out that little dicklet!  


Greedy GFE

Don't you thank you lucky stars everyday for having such a hot dominant Goddess as a girlfriend? Before you met me women paid zero attention to you, and now you and your beta bitch energy have found a purpose. Your reward is my pleasure so thank me for humiliating you, for fucking superior men, for giving you orders everyday and most of all for spending your money.

Incel Intox

Hopeless men like you can never focus. Controlled by your fetish, you are as needy and desperate as any other incel. Jerking off and looking at porn is all you're good at. If you don't like me walk away...it's not easy huh? I take my heels off and its too late. My perfect feet own you. I place a little bottle of Jungle Juice between my long strong toes. You may as well given. I know your weaknesses all too well. Take a hit and another...

Beta Virgin for Life

Do you find yourself getting friend zoned all the time? Let's face it: you will remain a beta virgin for life. The sooner you accept this the easier life will be. Stop telling yourself you are saving it for marriage. You're hardly attractive and you'll never make enough money to get a trophy wife, but I'll help you... Embrace the fact that your little dicklet will only get hard for Femdom porn and that you'll only get attention from women out of your league if you pay for it. Accept that if you do try to lose your virginity you're gonna suck at it an disappoint. Stroke that ugly little thing

Chubby Sissy Ruined

Ms Siren Thorn and I notice you have been pigging out on girl scout cookies rather than working out at the gym. Bad beta bitch! Asian Goddesses spit has way less calories than cookies, so lick it up fatso. We make you sniff our sweaty delicious bodies while humiliating you for being a weak, chubby loser with no self control. Chastity is the only way for you. We do allow you to unlock briefly as we crop your balls...when you're just about to cum, we beat your hand away leaving you with a frustrating mess to clean.

My Strapon Bitch

Today you receive your first cock- Mistress cock. A thick, big, black cock. As I plunge my dick deep inside you, I expect you to cum. Explode all over the place, then lick up your mess. Next time, it will be someone else's cum you are licking up! 


Breathless Boss Pantyhose

You certainly won't be earning any privileges with your lack of work ethics.  I called you over to my office to tell you that although I won't be firing you, I will extend your probation period by month if you last for the next few minutes...  I see you have a thing for my legs and pantyhose.  But do you know how legal they are?  The bad news is that once I squeeze the attitude out of you I will end you.  This video was inspired by a recent extreme breath play session in DC:)

Big Boobs Leather Gloves

You're a little jerkaholic who just can't resist stroking it in your rest, wake, bathroom and/or office. I know you can't resist my big boobs and leather gloves so you may as well get it over with now, so that you can go on with your day... but only if you do it my way. Stare and stroke but don't you dare bust a nut until I instruct you to do so. Let's see if you can last for me...

Getting Rid of It

Being married to you has been a waste of my time, now that I have maxed out your credit cards. All you have left is your little THING. At that little thing is of no use to me- I have my lovers to satisfy me. Your little thing is the reason you bore me. I hate boredom, so I have a solution: Cutting it off. I have just the instrument for this. Question is, how do I proceed? Do I cut off your balls first, then your dick? Right testicle first, or the left? For once, you present me with so many choices.....