My Strapon Bitch

Today you receive your first cock- Mistress cock. A thick, big, black cock. As I plunge my dick deep inside you, I expect you to cum. Explode all over the place, then lick up your mess. Next time, it will be someone else's cum you are licking up! 


Breathless Boss Pantyhose

You certainly won't be earning any privileges with your lack of work ethics.  I called you over to my office to tell you that although I won't be firing you, I will extend your probation period by month if you last for the next few minutes...  I see you have a thing for my legs and pantyhose.  But do you know how legal they are?  The bad news is that once I squeeze the attitude out of you I will end you.  This video was inspired by a recent extreme breath play session in DC:)

Big Boobs Leather Gloves

You're a little jerkaholic who just can't resist stroking it in your rest, wake, bathroom and/or office. I know you can't resist my big boobs and leather gloves so you may as well get it over with now, so that you can go on with your day... but only if you do it my way. Stare and stroke but don't you dare bust a nut until I instruct you to do so. Let's see if you can last for me...

Getting Rid of It

Being married to you has been a waste of my time, now that I have maxed out your credit cards. All you have left is your little THING. At that little thing is of no use to me- I have my lovers to satisfy me. Your little thing is the reason you bore me. I hate boredom, so I have a solution: Cutting it off. I have just the instrument for this. Question is, how do I proceed? Do I cut off your balls first, then your dick? Right testicle first, or the left? For once, you present me with so many choices.....

Drool Over My Latex

Thanks for buying this hot latex dress. Watch me as I slowly lube it up. Think I'll cause accidents in this outfit? A must for latexlovers! 

Party On the Edge

I knew you were a closet kinkcter when we met on tinder recently.  Only 3 dates later I have you in chastity and we are getting ready in our hotel room for a sex positive party with my friends.  You have been fantasizing about a dominant woman your whole life and here I am.  I want to move forward with you tonight after we are done grinding on the steamy dance floor.  Your cock will be so heavy with metal and cum and you will experience the most erotic tease of your life.  That cock belongs to me.  We have a big bed and after the party you will suck your first cock.  The front desk guy (who knocks on the door and talks to me during the video) is pretty cute. You want to find your way to my pussy right?  I will unlock you only after your first blowjob. There is no reason to be in denial about your sexual orientation in an environment like this.  No one will judge you when you take that big juicy salty cock for me. I knew you were the one...

Sock Sucker

Hello loser. I have just returned from sight seeing in Europe and realized I haven't washed my socks all week! They are nicely marinated- just for you! I make you sniff and inhale the dried sweat, then remove my socks. Which do you prefer? My stinky socks or the aroma of my fresh foot? I wonder- what would your girlfriend say if she found your secret sock collection? And what if I told her you only get hard for my dirty socks? 

Post gangbang sloppy seconds

I come home in the morning after a long night of debauchery. You are locked in my trample floor with a waiting with a hardon thinking about all the cocks that were in me. I take my high heels off and make you worship my feet, heels armpits, and cum filled pussy while I tell you about my night. The neighbours must think you're a loser when your wife stumbles home every Sunday morning looking the way I do. Now hurry up and clean me properly before the next man comes to fuck me, cuckie.


My ass is your lullaby

This was a custom clip and the subject's name was used only once: Have you given any thought to what your final wish is? I think it will be to get knocked out by my powerful smother. The last thing you see will be my pussy and asson your face which is not a bad way to go. Practice burying your nose in my thong now. Hold your breath as long as you can and I'll take your breath away too. You must outlast all of your previous facesitting challenges and do better for me. Get ready for your nap... sweet dreams.

Coffee and asparagus breakfast

TS Kira Kandella and I have full bladders- Coffee for her, water and asparagus omelette for me. Be our toilet as we expel our liquids. Salty and bitter- and lots of it!