Domestic Foot Bitch

I pull my leashed my naked slave in my loft and up the stairs.  Parading him around like a little bitch amuses me. While lounging on couch I order him to suck my high heels and lick my soles.  I ignore him and explain to you in detail what I seek in a house bitch: versatility decidation selflessness.  Most wanna subs don't possess these qualities to me therefor will never be in his place. While I allow my extremely eager dirty doormat to remove my heels and worship my feet I tease him for having a hardon.  My girlfriend Siren Thorn is coming over soon so it's time to make us drinks...

Feet or Farts

I'm lounging in bed in lingerie with Raevyn Rose talking about how hard it is for slaves to keep my interest. They are often too needy and ugly for me to be around for long. I call in my naked slave who hates feet and make him sniff our sweaty stockings. Why? Cause we find it entertaining to humiliate these so called men. I make him sniff my ass and just as he does I let one rip in his face! We smother him with our asses and feet while twisting his nipplesand making fun of him. I ask him to tell us whether he prefers feet or farts as he will be getting more...

Sweet treat for house bitch

Lady Bellatrix is visiting me from London and I introduce her to you, my house bitch. Not only do you do all the domestic chores you also help me prepare for sessions and shoots. There is a bunch of cold watermelon on the counter top perfect for this hot Summer day. We chew it up, spit it out, and it feels so refreshing oozing between our toes. Its your turn to eat house bitch, and you will dine off the floor.

Public Beach Duty

I'm walking along a beautiful Vancouver beach with my slave close by kneeling in the sand.  I lie down on the beachblanket he has prepared for me and I order him to massage my feet. People are seen walking past us while I luxuriate and I know he loves showing his devotion to me to the world.  I love being in pretty surroundings having my perfect feet pampered and worshipped. Generally slaves don't get let out of the house but good house slaves get field trips like this one, and besides there stuff to carry.  Slave gets rewarded with sand between my toes.

We Don't Fuck Footboys

My friend Siren Thorn and I have spent the evening dancing in our pumps and brought you home with us to service our feet. Bitch boys like you get to clean the grime off our clubbing shoes, then lick the sweat off our sore feet. We lube up our feet for you and tease you with toe spreads, wrinkling our soles and rubbing our feet together. You get a cum countdown at the end. 


Let's Take Him Out in Public

My friend Mutiny and I are chatting in our bra and panties with our feet up on a human stool. Imagine trading places with him: Licking, sucking kissing and massaging our feet all day for hours at a time. Your shoulders and chest serve to rest our legs on while you keep busy. Even though our feet may have stepped on some nasty stuff a slave doesn't complain...

Feet Debauchery and Precum

This clip was filmed the morning after the Dommes Gone Wild Party. Mistress Koi Erotica and I tend to an exhausted slave by sticking our feet in his mouth. We discuss how much cum he swallowed last night and other kinky ways to humiliate him. His dick is getting hard just listening to us, and he's dripping again. I stick my foot in his pre-cum and feed it to him. Looks like this slave isn't done yet! 

Get Good At It

I know this piece of furniture serves as a foot rest but does it clean feet?  After a long day of errands and meeting my feet get very tired.  I order it to remove my heels and massage my soles. This wannabe sub needs lots of direction and gets distracted easily.  While I train it to lick massage and worship my perfect feet I tell you, the viewer exactly what I am searching for in a hard working sub.


Foot Worship Challenge

Let's play a game.  I know your desire to be the best foot slave ever, but do you really have what it takes?  I slowly tease you with my Louboutin open toed heels. I take them off gradually dangling them with my toes. My beautiful dirty feet make you so weak and stupid and its so easy to take advance of you. I instruct you on how to stroke and how to cum with by using my feet since you're always doing it wrong.  Imagine my toes are your hands and stroke with the same rhythm.  When I cross my leg you stop.  Are you ready?


Hubby Helps Me Relax

My hubby always prepares a nice hot bath for me before my boyfriend arrives. He also prepared bedsheets, wine, appetizers and whatever else I might need for a steamy night of sex.  While he kneels by the tub I instruct him to massage my feet.  He will be locked in the attic organizing storage boxes while I moan from all that passionate thrusting. We haven't had sex since our marriage and I've been cuckolding him ever since. Don't you wish you could be in his place?