Goddess Worship - full version

I just woke up from napping and summon my slave. He has been locked in chastity for a long time and is chained at the neck to my bed by a huge locking steel collar. I instruct him to worship my legs thighs and pussy while I enjoy a new book on Goddess-inspired home decor… I always starve my slaves before making them service me orally as it ensures that they do a thorough job and remind him that he needs to keep proving his worth. While lying back having my pussy licked I read out loud from the book a few times enjoying myself and ignoring him. His cock is almost bursting out of the chastity device and I use my heel to poke at it before turning over to make him lick my ass.... I tease him with the key to his chastity cage and remind him that he must out perform all my other slaves to earn the privilege of having an orgasm. After I unlock him I torment him with a taste of my wartenburg wheel then proceed to give him a long anticlimactic ruined hand job. His weeks worth of semen spill all over his body and make sure he eats it all before I lock him back up again. This is the life of a chastity slave:)