Dommes Gone Wild

A celebration of Femdom

Vancouver 4/20 6pm-11pm


Koi Erotica

Kandy Kink

Miss Jasmine

?Mystery Domme?


This event is open exclusively to members of, or those of you know have sessioned privately with one of us.  Dommes Gone Wild is a tantalizing adventure where friendly social pleasantries and hardcore kinky Femdom intersect.  Just be yourself or be a gimp.  Enjoy a drink while massaging our feet.  Get stripped naked and bound in one of our rooms.  You may be feminized and ordered to dance for us.  A medical exam might be necessary.  You could even be imprioned in a cell where providing sexual favours is your only way out...


Areas of interest including but not limited to:  Persuaded Bi, strapon, CFNM, bondage, golden showers, sissy transformations, roleplay and imprisonment.

Limits will be respected.  Masks will be provided. Filming is optional and scheduled in advance. 


Tribute through etransfer, paypal or giftrocket is required at the time of your reservation


To apply to take part in this special event complete the following information along with:

your username and/or date of last meeting,

 a brief introduction,

list of bdsm/fetish/roleplay preferences,

list of limitations including whether or not you wish to participate in filming and

any other relevant information


links to videos of previous group events: