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Best Key Lime Pie

Captured during a recent adventure in DC... I'm naked and taking his breath away with scissors and smothers. Ignoring him like the object he is. Looking at my phone.  And eating the best damn take out dessert I've ever had.  If you enjoy real and hard breathplay you will appreciate this moment.

Breathplay approaching

This custom clip was made for a real breathplay fan that I am soon travelling to meet for the first time.  To build the anticipation for our session I tell you exactly how I am looking forward to dominating you with my body, especially using my hands.  I know your weaknesses and that you love to be smothered squeezed and choked any way you can be.  I describe how I will wrap my hands around your neck and how you will slowly drift off... you are no match against my strong chest, legs and butt nor can you resist my hands and feet!  

Boardroom Stockings

Bitchy bosses Mistress Siren Thorn and I call you to the boardroom. You are barely worth looking at or keeping around the office and yet pathetic enough to degrade and humiliate...  The only time you seem to focus is when I'm wearing stockings. My stockings are extremely sweaty as they have been worn during many hot encounters with other men... Siren's on the other are new smooth and about to be worn out on a date with your alpha bull. We see the bulge in your pants you nasty beta bitch.  Worship our stockings before we strip them off and make you worship our feet. All you will be doing tonight is jerking off to porn and crying your lonely ass to rest before coming back to work for us tomorrow.

Budget Bouncing Bag

Hotel stays during covid kinda suck, just like the budget punching bag that was left in the room. Geared up in Muay Thai shorts gloves and shin pads my beautiful friend Siren Thorn and I take turns tenderizing the mummified sub in this hilarious high energy workout. The budget bouncing bag tries to hop around to avoid getting punch kick elbow and kneed by both. In the end we notice the bag has a hole... conveniently in the butt area to take a cock.

My Hard Working Toilet

I don’t have much to say to you slave, and I'm not interested in what you have to say back.  Your mouth is only good for one thing and we both know that.  Better than having no purpose at a all.  Open toilet aren’t you grateful you have me?

Don't be a P poser

Today you are given a rare opportunity to serve two gorgeous latex clad Asian Goddesses.  Siren Thorn and I  tease and humiliate you for your tiny throbbing cock, plug your ass, and make you clean our sexy heels and latex.  Show us what a desperate hungry bitch you are, and how you long to be filled up by our divine nectar. Before you even think about drinking from the source you must drink all our P from this doggie dish. We fill up the dish and even offer you a straw. Don't be a P poser; you're a puppy, not a chicken! 

Drink My Coffee

I've been shooting fetish videos all day, drinking coffee and wearing a stiff corset which puts a ton of pressure on my bladder. I notice you watching, hungry with your mouth open. Get down, keep your mouth slave and take all my nectar. You will taste my double filtered coffee and it will give you energy. Afterwards you will have to clean the floor with your tongue until it is spotless.

My Toilet On Call

The ultimate way to serve me is as my toilet.  My toilet on demand.  Of course you must consume everything that comes out of me and become my on call toilet, bidet and toilet paper. I love how you humiliate yourself for me and at my convinience.  My bladder is so full and all I want from you is for you to assume the toilet position and open your mouth and watch me play with myself.  I give you an intense torrential stream of golden goodness.  Your only job is to flush properly so don't fuck it up.  Anything you miss you must lick up and as your reward you may suck my fingers dry of pussy juice.



You are hopelessly addicted to my intoxicating scent and taste. Wearing minimal lingerie and my thigh high boots I order you to sniff lick and clean between my sweaty ass cheeks. Feeling weak? Of course you are. Are you thirsty? It doesn't matter. As my human toilet you serve to swallow every drop that comes out of me.



Mistress Meana and I know that you are a human toilet with a panty fetish. We happen to have very full bladders and decide to go in our black fullback panties then gag you with them afterwards. We strip off each other's panties make you our toilet bitch  and train you to lick us dry. Lots of great sexy wet angles and lots of streaming gold nectar. This video was made for our panty auction.