Gym Perv Punishment

There's always the old perv at the gym checking out the hot women working out. I have singled out a particular perv to endure my ass, pit and foot sweat. When he isn't deprived of oxygen, he is gagged with musty rank old sweat. He is left with my sweaty runners tied to his face. I am doing him a favour. This is the only way he can access a hot woman's body. 

Slap Spit and Pits

Are you a faceslapping fan?  You will love this video.  My armpits are disgusting but so is my slave.  Wearing my sexy latex dress I'm soaking in the tub with him and order him to lick my pits clean.  I smother him with my boobs, spit in his mouth over and over again and slap his face repeatedly as hard as I can.  Inflicting pain and pleasure simultaneously gets me off so I remove my dress, slap his face harder, chew on his nipples and bust his balls.  This is just foreplay.


My bondage slave has been working for me all afternoon: My pits and ass are sweaty so its time for him to continue his cleaning duties. I aggressively sit on the slave's face with my ass and pits. He struggles while I slap his cock and balls, knowing full well that only my boyfriend will get my pussy. I love seeing him suffer! Maybe I'll use this bitch as a toilet first thing in the morning after I've been out all night..if he's lucky he'll get remnants of cum. Either way it doesn't end with facesitting until he's completely done...