Destroying Forest Gimp - The Prequel

Before he was known as Foreset Gimp, my little bro was Backwoods Gump.  He was always such a freak going into the forest and jerking off against the trees.  I've always enjoyed humiliating and beating him.  Some things don't change even when youre all grown up. With my bro naked against a tree I make him hump him and pull his ass hairs until he screams.  I start with spanking him very hard and then move on to hardcore caning with a stick I found on the ground.  I threaten to call the entire fam if he complains or moves.  I don't care that he is wailing and that the mosquitoes are biting him. I beat his ass until it is completely raw and broken, then make him lie on the ground so I can stomp on his cock and balls.  I know he knows I do this out of love.



My asshole boss' degradation with part 2... after taking many kicks slaps sqeezes and knees to the balls I bring my stud over and order him to suck his first rock hard cock. I make him get on his hands and knees while he sucks away and I kick him hard in the balls from behind. I remind him that he is now my slave and that he will be doing all the cleaning & CUM cleaning. I tease him by lifting my lacy skirt up and sitting reverse cowgirl on my stud letting his cock poke out between myself. "Imagine this is my big swollen clot as its the closest you will ever get" I tell him, encouraging my slave/boss to use more enthusiasm than his own wife does in bed. Although my cocksucker has potential he accidentally uses teeth more than once so I get him on the groud and give him full kicks and stand directly on his useless balls. A most hardcore and entertaining clip!


Ballbusting With Metal Tongs

My domestic slave has displeased me once again and I get him naked and begin his discipline. I grab, squeeze, slap, knee and knee him in the balls while verbally humiliating and taunting him. Then I grab a pair of sharp metal tongs from a drawer and pull his cock and balls with then, making him stand on his tippy toes and forcing him in circles around me. The tongs come in handy to lift his cock upwards while I bust his balls. Finally I get him on the ground and kick him hard from behind until he cries. Maybe he will learn? Probably not.



My cuckie has his pathetic cock and balls tied tight by rope and I leash him around using it, squeezing and slapping reminding him of his incompetence. His worst nightmare comes true when I bring in my lover and make him to suck his juicy hard cock. While he is sucking away I laugh at him and whack his cock and balls while comparing their two very different fates. I lie on top of my lover , stretching out my legs and grip his cock with my inner thighs and order my cuck to suck to "suck my cock" it even looks like I grew one! I also grip my lovers cock with my ass cheeks, forcing cuckie to suck it. While I'm giving cuckie the tease and denial of a lifetime, I never stop ridiculing and torturing him with my hands and feet. At least cuckie makes for entertaining foreplay.



Cuckie has his hand and feet tied down on the bed with me sitting on top of him, verbally humiliating him while slapping him hard in the testicles. I'm wearing my sexy white lingerie and have his cock and balls tied tight. I pull the rope back like reins and tug, squeezing and slapping away with zero regard for his comfort, all while informing him that he will soon be my fluffer as his cock and balls are no longer of any use to me.