Collared Ass Slave

Watch me luxuriate on the daybed while I read my Japanese Bondage book and train my collared slave on how to worship.  I'm wearing my fishnet bodysuit relaxing against the scenic window.  I give him a few directions on how to kiss and worship my ass and pussy then focus on my reading material.  Every now and then I remind him how I want not be worshipped.  When I'm done with him I make him kiss my boots.

Ballbusting Foreplay

Goddess Koi and I have our slaves back to back, hands bound. We are priming them for abuse, and begin by slapping and kicking their balls. The bitches are suffering and we decide that once they hit the floor, their dicks will be flattened under our boots. Lucky slaves! TS Staci joins in the fun, and the slaves sink to the ground. We continue abusing them, removing our footwear to feel their family jewels flattening under our weight. Just when they can't take anymore, they find out this was just the foreplay! 

Same Forest Same Time

I love it when subs are there when I need them. I’m strolling in the forest, needing a rest, and come upon a stranger lying on the floor. I trample him in my platform stiletto boots, then remove my footwear to massage my feet on his chest. Just how I like it- soft and warm. Then I kick his balls while standing on him. Multi-tasking, bitches- what a woman does best! Finally, I use him as my recliner, snapping selfies and plotting other uses for him. Take note, viewers- while you’re staring, how about cleaning my boots? Subs should make themselves useful. You can’t just sit and stare- that's not servitude! 

Ballbusting Fitness Test

I'm ready for a different kind of work out. Wearing sexy boots and lingerie slave is in bondage and excercise bands are attached to his dick. I generally hate using bands but this is an exception. He is ordered to stay still while I work my upper body stretching his useless cock and balls while he grunts in pain. My leg workout involves kicking and kneeing him where it counts, and in the end I decide to beat him hard with a real large dildo. I cant tell whether he is swollen from excited or injury. Oh well...


Destroying Spiderman

Spiderman might be tough but he is no match against my powerful legs thighs and ass. Wearing thigh high boots and the open cup bra and tiny thong that "Spiderman" bought me in real life I leave this bitch breathless with scissorholds on and off the couch with various holds and aggressive face sitting.


Horse Play

Serving as my human pony is very difficult work. My big strong pony gets trained hard to push its own limits every single day.  I ride its shoulders deep into the woods through long winding roads, cropping it to move faster.  As part of its rigorous training I make it do squats, trotting, zig zagging and walking with high knees over gravel.  My goal is to make it the strongest more resilient pony and don't hesitate to crop it hard if my expectations are not met.  Don't you wish you were my big strong pony?

Forest Gimp's Last Supper

I figure my Mistress Cock is more than sufficient to satisfy Forest Gimp's hunger.  He has been restrained in the woods by himself and covered under a tarp for me to abuse.  His chastity device is leashed and I make him suck me off.  At one point a ranger passes us but we are too far in the forest for him to notice. I continue to sit on his chest and feed him the important cock while yanking on his leashed and caged pathetic cock.  Soon enough I will have to disposed of the gimp.  I cover his face with moss and leaves while feeding him.  He can eat it off my cock.  This is his last supper before he becomes a part of the forest.

Eat Your Dick Off The Bottom Of My Shoe

So you wanna be a carpet?  Carpets can only function as beautiful decor objects, which you are not, and we aren't going to trample you sensually either.

How servile are you?  Mistress Bijou and I don't care about your dick.  We will trample beyond turning you on, and the fact that you have an erection thinking about it makes you an even bigger pervert.  We are going to squash your dick flat against our soles, and feed it to you.  Taste all the other dicks we have trampled.  Your dick is nothing but roadkill to us.


My newbie masochistic slave is getting put to the test with his first time trampling.  In this candid video I step on him wearing my thigh high leather boots and tiny fishnet dress.  My heels are very sharp but I love hearing this little bitch scream in pain while I put my entire body weight on him.  I even give him a few hard kicks to the balls.  When I feel like he's had it with the sharp heels I take my boots off and introduce him to full weight barefoot trampling, jumping and cock crushing. Newbie's agony gives me a bounce in my step. A win-win situation.


During this sensual but cruel session my slave endures a variety of painful teasing torture for my pleasure. Wearing a latex dress I chain him to a pole, bite his nipples, slap his face and spit on his cock. I enjoying frustrating him between stripping down to my bra and panties then teasing and torturing his cock. I give him hard slaps, kicks, and punches to the family jewels then more faceslapping and spitting. Slave gets rewarded with a long handjob and juicy ruined orgasm in the end.