Double Corporal Fun

When Ms. Damazonia came to visit I asked her what she wanted to do.  She told she was feeling ultra sadistic.  Wow what a coincidence.  As a gracious host I offer her a choice of implements and a pain slut.  Using canes and chains we crop and beat him until he can take no more.  We make him kiss our instruments of destruction and continue mocking and tenderizing him!

I told you I've been too nice to you

I'm excited to introduce Mistress Kandy to my hardcore masochist toy. Slave is chained to stocks from the ceiling and we push him to his limits ... with both of us simultaneously caning his cock we decide we won't stop until he gets hard this way. Mistress Kandy notices that his balls aren't shaved and decides to pull him hard by his public hair until he screams. We order him to spread his legs and move onto hard merciless ballbusting. Don't you wish you could take it like this guy? We move onto punching, flogging, sticking our heels into his genitals and twisting his swollen parts. We laugh at his agony and continue with ball busting, kicking, and more brutal caning. What a wonderful day at the office!

Punishing Sticky Fingers

The office manager has been caught stealing again, and this time we even caught him watching porn on the job. Rather than filing a formal report Raevyn Rose and I decide to teach him a lesson he won't soon forget. Collared and thumbcuffed we stick his ugly face under the desk and beat him with his ugly belt. While caning strapping and flogging him hard we describe his new life as our office bitch.

I think he likes it

My contractor kept complaining about the pain in his hands while laying my floor. I decide to help him forget about his delicate hands. With him restrained in stocks I cane, kick, punch and knee his balls. I notice him getting hard. Is it because he is swollen from me grabbing and twisting his balls like a pretzel or is it because he is aroused? Whats the difference anyways? I whack him really hard with a leather paddle and ask him whether he prefers the studded or smooth side. I tease him by giving him giving a hand massage and rubbing my ass against him. Next him he slacks on the job I'm using a hammer. When I finally make him say his safe word I unbind him and make him kneel on all fours and bust him hard from behind. I love the sound of balls slapping against my high heeled boots. This is one of my longest and most brutal ballbusting clips.


Beatings will continue

Miss Xi and think our employee is disgusting, and we have so much dirt on him. We know he is desperate to make ends meet and that his wife would divorce him if she knew about his online activities. We make him bend over the desk and we take turns caning and cropping his ass until he screams and cries while make us beat him even harder. This loser will work over time everyday this week. I order him to the ground where he is told to kiss our feet...this is going to be a long week.

This is How I Help out in the Kitchen

The last time my husband made me steak it was over done.  He should know by now how I like my meat: tenderized and on the rare to blue rare side.  Hubby is naked on the kitchen island with arm restrains. I decide to demonstrate how to prepare meat: on his ass. While talking about the use of kitchen implements I brutally paddle and cane his ass. I remind him that to properly prepare steak juices must come to the surface before adding oil and salt.  Things get messy but this is is how you keep a marriage strong. Once his skin is broken and red I rub oil and and salt on his wounds before adding the final spicy ingredient: ghost pepper sauce.  One of my favourite corporal clips to date.

Destroying Forest Gimp - The Prequel

Before he was known as Foreset Gimp, my little bro was Backwoods Gump.  He was always such a freak going into the forest and jerking off against the trees.  I've always enjoyed humiliating and beating him.  Some things don't change even when youre all grown up. With my bro naked against a tree I make him hump him and pull his ass hairs until he screams.  I start with spanking him very hard and then move on to hardcore caning with a stick I found on the ground.  I threaten to call the entire fam if he complains or moves.  I don't care that he is wailing and that the mosquitoes are biting him. I beat his ass until it is completely raw and broken, then make him lie on the ground so I can stomp on his cock and balls.  I know he knows I do this out of love.



I beat my husband for his own good, and he understands that. He can never quite satisfy me though and needs constant discipline.  I get him over my knees showing that his ass has already been badly beaten.  The best slaves are the strong ones, and I tell him that I will crop him brutally and after he must prepare a bubble bath with essential oils and bring champagne and rub my shoulders.  "Make me a rare steak, I like my meat , after all" I crop his ass showing no mercy, and instruct him to prepare a bubble bath with essential oils and glass of champagne for myself, and a salt bath for his wounds, in the other bathroom of course.  I don't want him to join me in luxury I just want to hear him wail.


I like to save the best part for last: hardcore caning! I start with a stiff black cane. Then a thin bamboo one. I start to break the skin with this one. I hit soft sometimes but mostly really, really hard. Sometimes isolating one cheek. Slave is in lots of pain by the end of the bamboo cane. Next I use a stiff thick black stick and go super hard. Hes and in agony. I even hit his ball sack a few times. Then I inform him that Ill put alcohol on wounds!