Big Heart and Big Holes

Watch what happens when I simultaneously fuck my latex gimp with my Mistress cock and urethral sound. It's his first time out of chastity in days and he gets to inhale his favourite little bottle of aroma. I love edging him until he cries. Little does he know that after he pushes his sound out the post orgasm fun starts (for me)! Wouldn't you love being taken like this?

I Own His Entire Liife

My new slave in training has endured a lot of corporal punishment and trampling from me today.  Now I will reward him with the most difficult challenge of them all: breath control with my ass. I scrape my nails over his cock and give him the ultimate taste of smothering between stroking his hard cock and nipples.  I own his breath, I own his cock, his body, his orgasms, his entire life and I could make it all end for him right there and now. I switch positions and grind his nose against my long and how hard will he suffer to be held down by my pussy and ass?  Can he cum without oxygen? 

Ballbusting the Bartender

What happens when my domestic servant messes up a simple cocktail order?  Extreme tongue lashing and severe ball busting to follow, of course.  I deliver hardcore twists, punches, knees and kicks to get my message across.  I start in my high sharp heels and continue barefoot.  I bust him from the front and back, pull his hair, trample his cock and balls, make him cry and remind him that no one will want to fuck him after all this abuse.  Afterwards I tell him to make me another drink.  This time I expect him to get it right.

Ruined Orgasm Ballbusting

My house slave keeps screwing up even with the simplest of tasks.  This time I've had enough and decide to teach him a lesson he won't soon forget.  I start by smacking his cock and balls with kitchen utensils, then kicking, kneeing and tramping them.  I tie them with rope and pull them up towards me so he's upside down.  I stop to stoke him a bit and threaten to bust his balls if he doesn't cum.  Sure enough he can't cum in such an uncomfortable position so I deliver harder blows as promised.  While I facesit him I ruin his orgasm, feed it to him then ballbust him afterwards when he's ultra sensitive. This shoot was non stop fun and includes behind the scenes footage of my videographer cracking up with me.

I told you I've been too nice to you

I'm excited to introduce Mistress Kandy to my hardcore masochist toy. Slave is chained to stocks from the ceiling and we push him to his limits ... with both of us simultaneously caning his cock we decide we won't stop until he gets hard this way. Mistress Kandy notices that his balls aren't shaved and decides to pull him hard by his public hair until he screams. We order him to spread his legs and move onto hard merciless ballbusting. Don't you wish you could take it like this guy? We move onto punching, flogging, sticking our heels into his genitals and twisting his swollen parts. We laugh at his agony and continue with ball busting, kicking, and more brutal caning. What a wonderful day at the office!

I wanna fuck him with my heel

Being made to run up and down the stairs with a 10 pound weight to your balls and my myself and Mistress Damazonia teasing and cropping you along the way is the ultimate challenge. Now jump up and down. Subbie is a hardcore CBT slut who can take HUGE sounds larger than his finger. While he is underneath us in bed we decide to fuck his shaft with my high heel boot. Is he going to continue groaning or will him polish my heel with his urethra?

Bend over pip squeak

The new slave is on his way to getting castrated and currently in a very tight humbler.  I order him over my knee and being spanking him.  Of course the harder I beat his ass the better it is for him.  Gradually I work up the impact and switch to paddles... watching him kick thrash and scream amuses me greatly.  He nearly rolls off me but I get him to get back into position.  I switch the paddles from plastic to solid wooden.  The drama queen falls to the ground but gets no pity from me.  I continue with him on the floor.  Long story short I make him cry and have never heard from him since this shoot. Lots of giggles from me.

Penis Reduction Surgery

Penis reduction surgery is a rare procedure and it sure worked on this patient. A few final tests are necessary before he can be released. Raevyn Rose and I love torturing men when they are helpless and pacified. Using sounds, clamps, needles humbler and a cruel spike cock ring we don't hold back on this small dick man. Can he cum through all the pain with my stroking? If you are a fan of CBT you will love this video.


I think he likes it

My contractor kept complaining about the pain in his hands while laying my floor. I decide to help him forget about his delicate hands. With him restrained in stocks I cane, kick, punch and knee his balls. I notice him getting hard. Is it because he is swollen from me grabbing and twisting his balls like a pretzel or is it because he is aroused? Whats the difference anyways? I whack him really hard with a leather paddle and ask him whether he prefers the studded or smooth side. I tease him by giving him giving a hand massage and rubbing my ass against him. Next him he slacks on the job I'm using a hammer. When I finally make him say his safe word I unbind him and make him kneel on all fours and bust him hard from behind. I love the sound of balls slapping against my high heeled boots. This is one of my longest and most brutal ballbusting clips.


Hard For Lashes

New slaves always tell me they can "take it all" for me.  But can they really?  Wearing latex, nylons and sharp high heels I test the new gimp out in my bondage chair.  I know he really wants to see me but he doesn't deserve the view.  Between my heels digs and cane whacks I make him whimper and whine loudly.  He did mention he wanted 1000 lashes on his cock and balls in his email.  Does he have a change of heart?  Who cares... he's hard so it can't be that bad, besides he said he could "take it all" for me. He knows this is the only opportunity he gets to impress me.  I make him kiss the cane and continue my mission to destroy his ego