Wedding Night Blowjob

I've been waiting my entire life for this and have so much planned for tonight.  Our wedding was perfect and finally we are alone to consummate the marriage.  Do you love my lingerie? What about my juicy cock? Now ahead and worship it.  Darling if I hadn't had sex with you by now why do you think I ever would?  Of course I've been getting laid by real men. Why would I deny myself?  A cock like yours shouldn't even be used which is why I have prepared a special wedding ring for you: A metal chastity device.  You can start off by wearing it for a few days and then for longer.  Now lick my balls.  I might let you out here and there but it all depends on how obedient you are and how well you take my big juicy superior cock.  Don't ever forget that you are my bitch.

Latex Nurse Breathplay

This is a custom POV: Are you ready for your examination? This is not a regular clinic; we special in treating sexual abnormalities and some of our methods may be uncomfortable. I've read your file and I'm sure this will help. First let me put this slutty sissy gag and chastity device on you while I tease you with my latex. Lets test your lung capacity as I smother you with my boobs and ass again and again. Next I will have to check your prostate and help extract a sperm sample...are you feeling woozy? Best not pass out before you cum as that would be a shame...

Chubby Sissy Ruined

Ms Siren Thorn and I notice you have been pigging out on girl scout cookies rather than working out at the gym. Bad beta bitch! Asian Goddesses spit has way less calories than cookies, so lick it up fatso. We make you sniff our sweaty delicious bodies while humiliating you for being a weak, chubby loser with no self control. Chastity is the only way for you. We do allow you to unlock briefly as we crop your balls...when you're just about to cum, we beat your hand away leaving you with a frustrating mess to clean.

Priming Your Rubber Pussy

Today we will have lesbian sex for the first time: I love cuckolding with you with real men and feminizing you.  I was never sexually attracted to you until I started making you wear a prosthetic rubber pussy over your chastity device and underneath your slutty clothes. Today is your lucky since I have a strong appetite for pussy.  After our first lesbian experience I take sexy photos of you and post them online in search of a hot stud to join us both...

Latex Worship in Chastity

I'm hanging out at Mistress Damazonia's dungeon preparing to attend a local fetish party.  I'm modelling my skin tight latex dress and kinky rubber heels.  You are my chastity domestic slave and will stay in and take care of the chores.  I will allow you to worship and shine my sexy latex dress though, but you better get every inch from the top to my rubber clad toes.

Gangbang for Me, Cleanup for you

Cuckie you know that party I've been so excited about? It's actually an organized gangbang party at a swingers club and no you're not invited. Maybe next time. Enjoy your frustration in chastity. Look at my soon-to-be-fucked pussy and ass and clean my dirty sexy heels before I head out. If I'm not too sore from all those massive cocks I'll let you clean me when I get home. Continue serving me and you shall be rewarded.


Polishing the Silverware

My gimp slave is tied to a bondage rack dressed in latex hood, corset, high heels and a serious steel chastity belt.  Lucky for him there are tiny accessable holes on the underside of the device his cock can swell through. I pick up a variety of implements starting with a rough brush all over his body including his belt.  I want my slave to be freshly groomed and shiny and won't stop at his exposed sensitive parts... Watching him twitch and moan is a turn on for me so I move onto arger implements and scratching with my nails to mark my property. 

Only Organic For My Foot Slave

What a gorgeous beach day.  My perfect feet are exfoliated by sand, and my domestic slave has a dry mouth from eating sand off my toes. Since I'm a kind Mistress I decide to feed my slave some fruit... from my feet of course.  I want my slaves to be healthy and diet is very important.  Organic fruit and organic sand.  Worship my ass and my feet.  I make him massage me and show me who his locked up cock belongs to.  This slave will never be let out of chastity.

Lily's First Outing

This completely unscripted clip begins with me interviewing a sissy slut during a bdsm session.  This was filmed right after I transformed her and took her out in public for the first time.  We talk about enjoying sushi dinner together while she was wearing a chastity device while I zapped her remote controlled public. I also took some photos of her and posted a backpage ad in the transsexual section so she could make some money for me. I make her get on all fours and display her wares and end with a selfie video of her taking my Mistress cock in bondage.  

Cuckie Meet Black Stallion

My limpdick, sexually useless cuckold remains in long term chastity with a leash attached to his cock cage. His main purpose is to serve as a place to hang my lingerie, and my lover's underwear. Cuckie watches my hot black stallion and I make out and taste each others juices. I spit in my husband's mouth to insure he tastes the precum of a REAL man. I show cuckie what it looks like to have my pussy stretched by a thick black cock. After getting fucked hard I give a mean blowjob with a nasty huge cumswap in the end. Gooble it up cuckie its the closest you will ever get to fucking me!