Ruined Orgasm Ballbusting

My house slave keeps screwing up even with the simplest of tasks.  This time I've had enough and decide to teach him a lesson he won't soon forget.  I start by smacking his cock and balls with kitchen utensils, then kicking, kneeing and tramping them.  I tie them with rope and pull them up towards me so he's upside down.  I stop to stoke him a bit and threaten to bust his balls if he doesn't cum.  Sure enough he can't cum in such an uncomfortable position so I deliver harder blows as promised.  While I facesit him I ruin his orgasm, feed it to him then ballbust him afterwards when he's ultra sensitive. This shoot was non stop fun and includes behind the scenes footage of my videographer cracking up with me.

The CBT Chronicles part 2

The fun continues with penis pumps, wartenburg wheels, sounds and clothespins. Who knew a penis pump makes a great mouth gag? Sometimes hearing these bitches scream gets a little exhausting. Turns out the slaves suffer more when we remove the torture devices than when we put them on. So we have to keep putting them on. Wild and unscripted! 

The CBT Chronicles part 1

This is a spontaneous, unscripted clip we thought we should get the cameras rolling on! TS Staci, Goddess Koi and myself go crazy with a bunch of CBT equipment on two slaves- vibrating sounds of increasing thickness, wartenburg wheels, clothes pins, etc. Why? Cuz these chronic masturbators need to learn some self-control! 

Punishing Sticky Fingers

The office manager has been caught stealing again, and this time we even caught him watching porn on the job. Rather than filing a formal report Raevyn Rose and I decide to teach him a lesson he won't soon forget. Collared and thumbcuffed we stick his ugly face under the desk and beat him with his ugly belt. While caning strapping and flogging him hard we describe his new life as our office bitch.

Bend over pip squeak

The new slave is on his way to getting castrated and currently in a very tight humbler.  I order him over my knee and being spanking him.  Of course the harder I beat his ass the better it is for him.  Gradually I work up the impact and switch to paddles... watching him kick thrash and scream amuses me greatly.  He nearly rolls off me but I get him to get back into position.  I switch the paddles from plastic to solid wooden.  The drama queen falls to the ground but gets no pity from me.  I continue with him on the floor.  Long story short I make him cry and have never heard from him since this shoot. Lots of giggles from me.

Polishing the Silverware

My gimp slave is tied to a bondage rack dressed in latex hood, corset, high heels and a serious steel chastity belt.  Lucky for him there are tiny accessable holes on the underside of the device his cock can swell through. I pick up a variety of implements starting with a rough brush all over his body including his belt.  I want my slave to be freshly groomed and shiny and won't stop at his exposed sensitive parts... Watching him twitch and moan is a turn on for me so I move onto arger implements and scratching with my nails to mark my property. 

Horse Play

Serving as my human pony is very difficult work. My big strong pony gets trained hard to push its own limits every single day.  I ride its shoulders deep into the woods through long winding roads, cropping it to move faster.  As part of its rigorous training I make it do squats, trotting, zig zagging and walking with high knees over gravel.  My goal is to make it the strongest more resilient pony and don't hesitate to crop it hard if my expectations are not met.  Don't you wish you were my big strong pony?


There's nothing like a comfortable afternoon ponyride in the forest.  We have a long ways to go up the mountain and this human pony will be riden harder and harder every day.  I crop him ordering him to go faster.  I order the pony to grab onto a tree and do squats with me on him while I crop him.  When I was a little girl I always wanted pony and now I have a whole stable to train.  It isn't easy but someone has to do it:-)  


My slave is always getting himself into trouble.  He is naked, hooded and bound to my bondage chaise. I plop my ass hard on his face and begin stroking his hard cock. Orgasms are a rare privilege but he will earn one this time. Between heavy facesitting and hard spanking and paddling of his inner thighs and ass I remind him that he will have to cum, but only while through pain, and at my command.  I straddle his face front and back hard.  While jerking him off really hard I tell him he was 30 seconds to cum and if he doesn't I'm bringing out my single tail. I make him cum all over the paddle and have him lick it off.  Now the beating will begin :-)