Remember What You Said

My slave is locked in the trample floor with his vulnerable parts exposed. I warm him up by sticking my sharp stiletto into his nipples, letting him kiss my shoes and pantyhose, and slapping his stupid face with my pantyhose clad feet. His balls are crushed by a metal humbler and I crop begin to crop them. "Remember what you said?" I remind him that in his email he asked for one thousand lashes from me and that I'm not in the mercy business...

Horse Play

Serving as my human pony is very difficult work. My big strong pony gets trained hard to push its own limits every single day.  I ride its shoulders deep into the woods through long winding roads, cropping it to move faster.  As part of its rigorous training I make it do squats, trotting, zig zagging and walking with high knees over gravel.  My goal is to make it the strongest more resilient pony and don't hesitate to crop it hard if my expectations are not met.  Don't you wish you were my big strong pony?