Wedding Night Blowjob

I've been waiting my entire life for this and have so much planned for tonight.  Our wedding was perfect and finally we are alone to consummate the marriage.  Do you love my lingerie? What about my juicy cock? Now ahead and worship it.  Darling if I hadn't had sex with you by now why do you think I ever would?  Of course I've been getting laid by real men. Why would I deny myself?  A cock like yours shouldn't even be used which is why I have prepared a special wedding ring for you: A metal chastity device.  You can start off by wearing it for a few days and then for longer.  Now lick my balls.  I might let you out here and there but it all depends on how obedient you are and how well you take my big juicy superior cock.  Don't ever forget that you are my bitch.

Face Flattening Foreplay

Knowing that I'm gradually flattening his face makes me feel satisfied.  With my slave so close to my pussy and ass how could anyone call this torture? I can't see or hear him, nor do I want to but I can certainly feel him and he feels wonderful struggling for air under me.  Facesitting a sub is the perfect form of foreplay to sex with an alpha male. Thank me for the intense cardio workout as I prime my clit by crushing it against your nose.

Cucky Here's How You'll Suck My Boyfriend Off

Dear cucky: My studs are complaining about your lacklustre oral skills. Being included in my sex sessions is a privilege, and one you should not take for granted. If you continue to give mediocre blowjobs I'll simply leave you out which wouldn't be fun would it? I show you my big black dildo and give you detailed instructions and encouragement on how to improve your performance. Lets see some passion...

Everyone is getting fucked

This is romantic for me: Sitting on my husband's face and describing in detail all the action I've been getting on the side while he's naked and tied down. I love mentally torturing cuckie while talking about my sexcapades. It didn't take long to figure out that my husband was a cuckold, besides Ive always needed multiple men to satisfy me. I tell cuckie about the gang bang parties that are organized here in Vancouver... he'll be chauffeuring me over and I'll be the last woman to leave.

Cuckie Bitch Boy Gets Turned On



My sexy girlfriend Siren Thorn and I discuss our sexual encounters with real men while her pathetic sub listens in. He's locked in chastity and told he will be fucked with Siren's strap-on. Or maybe he will fuck his Tera Patrick Fleshlight.......and lick his own cum out of it. Or maybe he gets to lick Siren's lovers cum out of her pussy. We taunt him with stories of ass fucking, going to swingers clubs, etc. Bitch boy gets so horny Siren unlocks him and orders him to stroke while sucking her strap-on. His little dicklet is at maximum size, which is still mini, and we give him a countdown from 10. Lots of humiliating and sexy verbals, and us laughing at bitch boy's pathetic cock. For more of Siren Thorn, go here:

Cuckoldress Strapon

Honey you know how I like getting fucked hard by hotter men?  Let me give you a little demonstration with my hot girlfriend who happily volunteered for your education.  Pretend that you are me: strong, gorgeous with a big black dick, and pretend that I am Goddess Samantha: insastiable, sensual sexpot.  Imagine cock was this hard teasing and spreading my wet pussy lips.  Watch me fuck Goddess Samantha deeply and listen to her moan.  Pretend you are a fly on the wall and learn something. Don't forget to clean that cock thoroughly.

Hubby Helps Me Relax

My hubby always prepares a nice hot bath for me before my boyfriend arrives. He also prepared bedsheets, wine, appetizers and whatever else I might need for a steamy night of sex.  While he kneels by the tub I instruct him to massage my feet.  He will be locked in the attic organizing storage boxes while I moan from all that passionate thrusting. We haven't had sex since our marriage and I've been cuckolding him ever since. Don't you wish you could be in his place?


My cuck has been left tied up all night in chastity while I have been out partying and fucking other men...I return from my debaucherous evening still sweaty from dancing and sex and make him lick my sore feet and cum filled pussy and ass. I tease him about his chastity cage and promise him that I'll let him cum if he does a good job of cleaning my freshly fucked body...and he must work very very hard to earn it! Eventually I decide that he should be rewarded, and unlock him, but keep him tied up and gently stoke his cock until he gets to the edge a couple of times, threatening to lock him back or ruin his orgasm. The clip ends with one of the messiest epic cumshots I've seen. Time to lock him back up! 


I have had a super long day of kinky sessions with various subs and I'm exhausted. Between strapon trampling scissoring foot jobs & ballbusting others I havent had the energy to shower my sweaty body. This nasty slave has one job: to clean all the sweat and flavours off my body. By collar and leash I order him to lick all the dna and precum off my body. I know deep down he has a cuckolding fetish: I slap his jewels while he cleans all the cock and ball sweat off my body, preparing me for my lover who is visiting later.


My sexually inadequate husband is being trained to suck cock. This time his duty is fluffing my Shemale Girlfriend. Stacie and I discuss the secrets to training boys to serve us and how small men become cuckolds. We mock my husband for not being able to go all the way down and suggest that there is a correlation between throat size and cock size. Having a tiny dick loser husband isn't too bad wihen my Shemale girlfriend is equipped with a juicy long cock. Cuckie serves as a funny human mattress and cum receptacle as I ride Stacie's cock and get pounded hard from behind. I give Stacie a blow job and spray her huge load into cuckie's mouth. She then gags him with the cock and we both lie on top of him.