Feet Balls and Cum Loads

TS Staci, myself, Kandy Kink and Koi Erotica subject a lucky slave to having his dick sucked by another slave, while servicing our feet, another slave's, and another TS Domme's feet. (He can't tell the difference between men and women's feet under that hood of his!) The lucky slave also gets teabagged by both TS mistresses, and is rewarded with a juicy cum load from the redhead TS domme. Lots of hard dicks, pre-cum and humiliating activities for all slaves involved! 

Youthful Rejuvenation Project

Mistress Kandy and I run a special clinic that rejuvenates men through laser and electric shock therapy. Our patient is bound to the operating table and we proceed to zap his dick and the insides of his thighs with electricity. He had confided to us that he couldn't cum, so we decide to punish his cock with hard slaps, punches and knees. To let him experience an erect dick, I drop a sound down his urethra. But ultimately, I know this patient is bluffing about his sexual orientation. His erectile difficulties don't stem from age, they stem from the fact that he fantasizes about dick. I call the doctor over, and he inserts his dick in the patient's mouth. The patient is forced to swallow the load. Cured! 


Feet Debauchery and Precum

This clip was filmed the morning after the Dommes Gone Wild Party. Mistress Koi Erotica and I tend to an exhausted slave by sticking our feet in his mouth. We discuss how much cum he swallowed last night and other kinky ways to humiliate him. His dick is getting hard just listening to us, and he's dripping again. I stick my foot in his pre-cum and feed it to him. Looks like this slave isn't done yet! 

Post Orgasm Blowjob Torture

My gimp patient is wearing my dildo harness and bound to the medical cage. Although heavily pacified his cock starts coming to life while I ride his face. I love using my patients as sex toys, and this one hasn't cum in over 2 weeks. I decide to grant him a blowjob...but not from me. I summon another patient and order him to blow my gimp and eat his cum...but the fun doesn't stop there. I want the blowjob to continue. Keep sucking harder even after you've swallowed it all!

Cum Cocktail Contest

Mistress T, Goddess Samantha, Evilyn13, Skylar Hart & Koi Erotica give our 5 gimps a disgusting challenge: Goddess Samantha holds an empty glass and instructs each gimp to cum in it.  Whoever get drained last must either drink the entire glass or wear it, or both. With a room full of beautiful Goddesses motivating our subs every cock gets drained. The pressure is on when its the last two gimps standing... the loser (G. Nasty) ends up with his eyes nose and mouth covered with multiple loads. This clip includes some behind the scenes footage of our Goddess Party this past weekend. 

Cucky I Have Cum For You

I just got home from a long night and morning of group sex.  My cucky slave is waiting and I tell him that I have come for him.  What I mean is I have cum for him.  Wearing my tight little dress with no panties and high heels I spread my legs and stick my fingers in my pussy.  Fresh cum oozes out down my leg on the floor for him to lick him. My tiles are always clean because my slave polishes them this way.  I push out another gush of cum.  Its hard to remember how many loads I take when I'm having fun.  This is what a long delicious night tastes like. This is how my slave gets his protein. Next time I go out and party I'm taking you with me. For now its clean up time.



In this hot POV clip I thank you, my cuckold for buying me the sexy bra, thong, seamed stockings, and heels for my date with a Black stallion bull. I keep you around for financial reasons and the housework you do. I invite you close to my freshly fucked pussy to reveal a cum filled condom I saved especially for you as a thank you gift. I will never let your tiny penis inside me, and I will train you as my cum dumpster by making you eat the hot, salty jizz off my tits and stockinged feet like a good cum slut. Do a good job and next time I might let you fluff!