Mistress Meana and I know that you are a human toilet with a panty fetish. We happen to have very full bladders and decide to go in our black fullback panties then gag you with them afterwards. We strip off each other's panties make you our toilet bitch  and train you to lick us dry. Lots of great sexy wet angles and lots of streaming gold nectar. This video was made for our panty auction. 

We'll never need a real toilet again

Mistress Damazonia brings her sissy "Bimbo" over to serve us both. This is the slave who receives regular pee feeding and today she will consume from both of us. Misstress Damazonia empties her bladder into a paper cup leaving room for me to go next. I fill the cup and overflow onto the floor. Disgusting but so is Bimbo. She is thirsty and ordered to drink up then clean the tiles...

Back to that swinger club

In this completely candid and unscripted video Mistress Alexis Kim of Atlanta and I recount in dirty detail our recent adventures at a well known (and very busy) local swinger club where we both got our fill of big black cocks.  We had such a wonderful time together that we are heading back this evening after a fancy slave paid sushi dinner.  What if we brought a pathetic cuck like yourself with us just to tease you? Would you survive watching all the action or would it be too much to be in a room full of dozens of well endowed black men? Obviously you'd be hiding your locked cock under a towel as no one will want to look in your direction. I'm already excited for my next trip to Atlanta!

Double Corporal Fun

When Ms. Damazonia came to visit I asked her what she wanted to do.  She told she was feeling ultra sadistic.  Wow what a coincidence.  As a gracious host I offer her a choice of implements and a pain slut.  Using canes and chains we crop and beat him until he can take no more.  We make him kiss our instruments of destruction and continue mocking and tenderizing him!

Earn the Right to Suck Dick

Suck our heels first wow us with your deep throating skills before you get to work on Staci's cock! Our shoes are grimy and my feet- which you will sniff- have just performed a foot job. You want dick so bad you'll take all the humiliation we dish out. Maybe, just maybe, Staci will let you touch her dick. 

Boot Humiliation with Siren

Siren Thorn and I are wearing our hot leather boots, gifted to us by our boot benefactor. We describe how ww will abuse and degrade you in our footwear, and yes- this involves your dick, bitch! Remember- we want our soles clean. Whatever mess you make, you will have to consume- off our boots. 

The CBT Chronicles part 2

The fun continues with penis pumps, wartenburg wheels, sounds and clothespins. Who knew a penis pump makes a great mouth gag? Sometimes hearing these bitches scream gets a little exhausting. Turns out the slaves suffer more when we remove the torture devices than when we put them on. So we have to keep putting them on. Wild and unscripted! 

I told you I've been too nice to you

I'm excited to introduce Mistress Kandy to my hardcore masochist toy. Slave is chained to stocks from the ceiling and we push him to his limits ... with both of us simultaneously caning his cock we decide we won't stop until he gets hard this way. Mistress Kandy notices that his balls aren't shaved and decides to pull him hard by his public hair until he screams. We order him to spread his legs and move onto hard merciless ballbusting. Don't you wish you could take it like this guy? We move onto punching, flogging, sticking our heels into his genitals and twisting his swollen parts. We laugh at his agony and continue with ball busting, kicking, and more brutal caning. What a wonderful day at the office!

I wanna fuck him with my heel

Being made to run up and down the stairs with a 10 pound weight to your balls and my myself and Mistress Damazonia teasing and cropping you along the way is the ultimate challenge. Now jump up and down. Subbie is a hardcore CBT slut who can take HUGE sounds larger than his finger. While he is underneath us in bed we decide to fuck his shaft with my high heel boot. Is he going to continue groaning or will him polish my heel with his urethra?

Blackmailed into Fluffing

Did you actually think we picked your silly ass up to have a 3 some?! Newsflash: You're naked with your cock and balls tied up wearing lipstick and we've already taken pics of you. You were so easy to find on social media. We've got 2 hunky studs coming and you will fluff them for us before we fuck them, and yes we are filming. This may be your first taste of cock, but certainly not the last. Do a good job on those t juicy salty dicks and you may even get to taste our pussies off them. Say no and we are sharing your pics immediately. Eventually we may even feminize you and charge per head...