Latex Nurse Breathplay

This is a custom POV: Are you ready for your examination? This is not a regular clinic; we special in treating sexual abnormalities and some of our methods may be uncomfortable. I've read your file and I'm sure this will help. First let me put this slutty sissy gag and chastity device on you while I tease you with my latex. Lets test your lung capacity as I smother you with my boobs and ass again and again. Next I will have to check your prostate and help extract a sperm sample...are you feeling woozy? Best not pass out before you cum as that would be a shame...

Gym Perv Punishment

There's always the old perv at the gym checking out the hot women working out. I have singled out a particular perv to endure my ass, pit and foot sweat. When he isn't deprived of oxygen, he is gagged with musty rank old sweat. He is left with my sweaty runners tied to his face. I am doing him a favour. This is the only way he can access a hot woman's body. 

His Screams Feel Good Against My Pussy

I love it when Lady Bellatrix visits from London, especially when we catch up while abusing slaves. We take turns facesitting him and beating on his cock and balls. I love the feel of his muffled screams against my pussy. While Lady Bellatrix facesits the slave, I surprise him with a few unexpected blows. The pleasure and laughs were all ours!

My ass is your lullaby

This was a custom clip and the subject's name was used only once: Have you given any thought to what your final wish is? I think it will be to get knocked out by my powerful smother. The last thing you see will be my pussy and asson your face which is not a bad way to go. Practice burying your nose in my thong now. Hold your breath as long as you can and I'll take your breath away too. You must outlast all of your previous facesitting challenges and do better for me. Get ready for your nap... sweet dreams.

Rigor Mortis

If you enjoyed my clip "Girlfriend Experience" you will love this video. My sex slave is tied to the bed with his head squeezed between Mistress Kandy and my ass cheeks.  She instructs him to worship my ass while I tug on his bound cock and balls.  He is already marked from our earlier ballbusting and cbt.  While facesitting him I decide to fuck him and fuck him up. I ride his cock hard while Mistress Kandy scissors the life out of him.  The only requirement for him is to stay hard while we put you to sleep.  Multiple knockouts through scissorholds and hand over mouth by both of us.  We decide to punish him for not staying hard while he falls asleep by punching him in the balls and while he wakes up from dreaming.  There is no escape for this sex slave.  Rigor Mortis is the only answer :-)

Extract Everything

I facesit my slave in pantyhose, depriving him of oxygen and giving him a boner in the process. Is he more desperate to cum or to breathe? Well, the answer remains a mystery. I give him a hand job, intending to ruin his orgasm, but only a few drops come out. His dick remains rock hard. Clearly, he hasn't been milked of every drop! I will continue to use him as human furniture and extract every bit of cum...


Latex Bondage & Facesit

Hot video featuring me and my latex slave. He's bound and helpless while I tease and smother him in my transparent latex. Lots of of breast and ass smothering, and some electro-play. I finish him off with a hand job. Big cumshot at the end! 

Ruined Facesat Slave

My slave is ordered to worship my armpits while I tease his cock.  When he doesn't lick properly he is punished with very hard faceslapping.  I spit slowly into his mouth and slap him many times through this video.  I decide to facesit him to see how long he can last without oxygen.  I accidentally let out a big fart and make him swallow that too.  What better to way to reward this slave than to ruined his orgasm?

Bring Me Your Sister

I made this depraved custom video for a particular sub I've been playing with for ages. I love teasing you (him) with panties, facesitting you and ruining your orgasms. I always knew you had a big secret and we finally got to the root of your desires during a recent session: You have a sexual relationship with your sister that you want to take further.I know you haven't fucked your wife despite the fact that she's found our emails. Your true desire is getting more than just the regular handjobs you get from your sister. During our last session we took some photos and texted them to your sister and now she wants to join us for the ultimate playdate. I give you instructions to prepare for our next meeting. Until then don't even think about masturbation... think about my pussy on your face and your sister's pussy on your cock. This clip is 100% based on real life. Don't try this at home:)

Breathe If You Can

This unscripted video was taken with my phone and includes pieces of a recent session in a hotel room.  My subbie loves being physically dominated and I enjoy working out so it was a win win situation for us.  Lots of ass and breast domination, reverse scissoring, and a handjob reward.  Watch me facesit, squeeze and do pushups at the same time.  If you are a fan of hand over mouth you will love this.  Video has been dubbed with music for privacy.  Be my fly on the wall and wish you could take it this hard.