Ruined Facesat Slave

My slave is ordered to worship my armpits while I tease his cock.  When he doesn't lick properly he is punished with very hard faceslapping.  I spit slowly into his mouth and slap him many times through this video.  I decide to facesit him to see how long he can last without oxygen.  I accidentally let out a big fart and make him swallow that too.  What better to way to reward this slave than to ruined his orgasm?

Orgasm Fart Torture

My masochist slave is bound to my throne by leather sleeves while I sit on him on the floor. He has just finished getting trampled and is covered with marks. Unfortunately he claimed to want to "serve me" yet he showed up with a raging hard on without asking for permission. He did show up with some snacks and drinks I requested though including a bowl of chilli I consumed earlier.  I slowly tease his cock with my hand while heavily sitting on his face and telling him I'll let make him cum. I let out a few unexpected farts and continue heavy smothering.  After stroking him to the edge a few times I ruin his orgasm, and contine to stroke him more to the brink of insanity. "Don't you want a real orgasm?" I ask...guess not. Just because he ejaculated doesn't mean I'm stopping.  I feed him his cum and stroke him some more.  This clip is completely unscripted and nothing was planned except to have a good time :-)



My designated butt sniffer slave is being promoted to acting as my human bidet and toilet. Who needs toilet paper when I have one of these losers? I haven't showered and am super gassy from Mexican food. I aggressively rub his face on my pussy and ass.  This loser is so addicted to my scent that he cannot help but comply when I tell him to open wide and inhale all my juices, smells and wastes. I know this one will make me proud.