Trampling Fitness Test

The best way to work stabalizer muscles is with slave.  Bosu balls are boring and why soil a yoga mat when my slave cleans my beautiful sweaty feet during my workout?  I hope the slave tastes the footjob I gave someone else earlier today. Watch me brutally trample this slave.  I get a good stretch with one foot on his face and the other on his useless limp cock and balls.  This is better than step aerobics and even the slave gets a good workout. A few more weeks and we will see some results!

Cuckie's Persuaded Bi Fuckfest

This completely unscripted clip was was filmed by my sexy girlfriend during a real session: My submissive cuckold is forced to worship my well hung lover's feet, cock, and my ass before I get fucked hardMy lovely blonde girlfriend watches and giggles and even joins in a little duo ballbusting of the sub. The lucky cucky gets loads of spit and a huge load of my lover's cum in his mouth to finish. Perfectly humiliating and degrading video:)


Careful what you wish for! Mistress Bijou and I used this slave for a custom trample clip. We warned him we wouldn't go easy, and we don't. We also warned him to keep his paws off us, no matter the level of discomfort he was in. He did not obey us. His punishment was well worth it- for us and you viewers! Lots of standing on pointe and jumping on the slave's stomach.

Pantyhose Trample

I just finished facesitting the life out of this slave, and now it is time for my foot massage break. The best foot massage for me is feeling the struggle of a man beneath my soles.  Would you be able to take my full weight and serve as my seat cushion and dance floor? Use you as a trampoline? Would you also give me a sensual foot rub after? Watch me dance and jump up and down on this slave in my gorgeous pantyhose.  


Waterboarding may be an effective technique to persuade people to talk, but I find Cock boarding even easier. The slave is trapped beneath a platform with his useless cock and balls hanging out. I dig my sharp heels, pointy toes, the ball of my foot and curved heel into his tender parts. The slave suffer but doesn't reveal the password. Out comes the urethral sounds- another effective way to make them talk...especially when I simultanesouly stick my high heel in his balls. All of a sudden my work is done:)


My domestic slave crawls in to worship my heels and stockings. I order him on his hands and kness with my crop on his back and ass. A slave belongs on the ground against my feel on the floor with his ultimate weakness in his face: my well worn stockings. I crop and trample his cock and use his back as my human foot stool and make him to take my heels off, clean them and worship my stockings toes while cropping his hard cock and balls. This loser failed to fluff my bedding properly for my hot date and gets punished harshly before being sent back to prepare for the delicious cock I will devouring later while slave is caged...



In this brutal clip my slave is under a trample board with only his cock and balls sticking out. I taunt him strutting on the board showing off my long tall high heels. I step on his cock and balls with both my toes and heels threatening to puncture him for my amusement. I decide the type penetration he deserves is of the long steel variety. I put out a urethral sound and fuck his cock with it, and stop only to step back on his cock and balls with my hard dangerous heels, ignoring his screams. The only break he gets is with me facesitting him and the sound back deep inside his cock.