Rigor Mortis

If you enjoyed my clip "Girlfriend Experience" you will love this video. My sex slave is tied to the bed with his head squeezed between Mistress Kandy and my ass cheeks.  She instructs him to worship my ass while I tug on his bound cock and balls.  He is already marked from our earlier ballbusting and cbt.  While facesitting him I decide to fuck him and fuck him up. I ride his cock hard while Mistress Kandy scissors the life out of him.  The only requirement for him is to stay hard while we put you to sleep.  Multiple knockouts through scissorholds and hand over mouth by both of us.  We decide to punish him for not staying hard while he falls asleep by punching him in the balls and while he wakes up from dreaming.  There is no escape for this sex slave.  Rigor Mortis is the only answer :-)

Breathe If You Can

This unscripted video was taken with my phone and includes pieces of a recent session in a hotel room.  My subbie loves being physically dominated and I enjoy working out so it was a win win situation for us.  Lots of ass and breast domination, reverse scissoring, and a handjob reward.  Watch me facesit, squeeze and do pushups at the same time.  If you are a fan of hand over mouth you will love this.  Video has been dubbed with music for privacy.  Be my fly on the wall and wish you could take it this hard.