It Kinda Gets Me Off

As close to my pussy and ass as he can get: Nothing but a thin nylon film! As I smother him, I inform him I will invite my friend Mistress Damazonia over to sit on my lap while I sit on his face. His dick gets hard from the lack of oxygen, then even harder from the ball busting and slapping I administer. Suffer, slave! It kind of gets me off! 

Same Forest Same Time

I love it when subs are there when I need them. I’m strolling in the forest, needing a rest, and come upon a stranger lying on the floor. I trample him in my platform stiletto boots, then remove my footwear to massage my feet on his chest. Just how I like it- soft and warm. Then I kick his balls while standing on him. Multi-tasking, bitches- what a woman does best! Finally, I use him as my recliner, snapping selfies and plotting other uses for him. Take note, viewers- while you’re staring, how about cleaning my boots? Subs should make themselves useful. You can’t just sit and stare- that's not servitude! 

Extract Everything

I facesit my slave in pantyhose, depriving him of oxygen and giving him a boner in the process. Is he more desperate to cum or to breathe? Well, the answer remains a mystery. I give him a hand job, intending to ruin his orgasm, but only a few drops come out. His dick remains rock hard. Clearly, he hasn't been milked of every drop! I will continue to use him as human furniture and extract every bit of cum...


Riding the Thin Man

Mistress Kandy, Goddess Airen and I have one thing in common: We love making human ponies suffer regardless of their size. This poor thinpony gets broken down slowly. Kandy starts by riding him in circles, and after the poor horse collapses under her weight she punishes him by adding 2 more riders: Myself and Goddess Airen. Despite all his grunting and groaning, the feeble pony must move forward with all 3 of us!

Let's Take Him Out in Public

My friend Mutiny and I are chatting in our bra and panties with our feet up on a human stool. Imagine trading places with him: Licking, sucking kissing and massaging our feet all day for hours at a time. Your shoulders and chest serve to rest our legs on while you keep busy. Even though our feet may have stepped on some nasty stuff a slave doesn't complain...

Get Good At It

I know this piece of furniture serves as a foot rest but does it clean feet?  After a long day of errands and meeting my feet get very tired.  I order it to remove my heels and massage my soles. This wannabe sub needs lots of direction and gets distracted easily.  While I train it to lick massage and worship my perfect feet I tell you, the viewer exactly what I am searching for in a hard working sub.


Double Pantyhose Facesitting

Which face is more comfortable? Which slave can take more? We are about to find out. With two slaves on the floor I test these seat cushions out. Wearing only bra and sheer pantyhose I take turns smothering them hard. I notice the difference in temperature between their faces and how hard they fight when their airways are sealed. The winner in this competition will get a blowjob. Not from me of course...from the less resilient seat cushion.

Comfortable To Sit On and Cleans Boots Too

The Femdom world is both exciting and natural. In this completely unscripted clip Mistress Skylar introduces me to her girlfriend and novice Domme Tawny. We are sitting on a comfortableand practical human couch openly discussing the many pros and cons of slaves. The best furniture is versatile enough to keep our asses warm and also cleans shoes. Training low IQ slaves can be a lot of work but entertaining as well. Every slave has specific talents like taking beatings, cleaning cum, serving as domestic maids. Human toilet is probably the most natural...

A Day in the Sand and On Your Face

I'm on a beautiful beach with my domestic slave serving as my seat cushion.  There are tourists walking past and the tide is moving up fast.  I've been training my sub at home in the tub so he is performing his facesitting duties well.  The tide is very close and moving into us in not time. Not only will he be covered with my ass he will also be submerged in water.  I lie back on him feeling his chastity cage.  If he survives this challenge I will order a smaller device for him.  Good slaves can handle a real challenge...can you?


I have no issues about making my house bitch suffer under me, after all it makes him a better man.  Sometimes I enjoy watching entire movies on his face while he breathes in my pussy and ass.  With his head bent back I straddle his face in my sexy red lingerie and smother him front and back.  I could break his neck but then who would carry my groceries?  Would you like to be in his place? Too bad most of you are such whimps.  This one gets the special treat of my cum stained panties. Life is good.