Drink My Coffee

I've been shooting fetish videos all day, drinking coffee and wearing a stiff corset which puts a ton of pressure on my bladder. I notice you watching, hungry with your mouth open. Get down, keep your mouth slave and take all my nectar. You will taste my double filtered coffee and it will give you energy. Afterwards you will have to clean the floor with your tongue until it is spotless.

My Toilet On Call

The ultimate way to serve me is as my toilet.  My toilet on demand.  Of course you must consume everything that comes out of me and become my on call toilet, bidet and toilet paper. I love how you humiliate yourself for me and at my convinience.  My bladder is so full and all I want from you is for you to assume the toilet position and open your mouth and watch me play with myself.  I give you an intense torrential stream of golden goodness.  Your only job is to flush properly so don't fuck it up.  Anything you miss you must lick up and as your reward you may suck my fingers dry of pussy juice.



You are hopelessly addicted to my intoxicating scent and taste. Wearing minimal lingerie and my thigh high boots I order you to sniff lick and clean between my sweaty ass cheeks. Feeling weak? Of course you are. Are you thirsty? It doesn't matter. As my human toilet you serve to swallow every drop that comes out of me.


Peeping Tom Swallows P

You barge in on me while I'm about to take a leak. How predictable. You want me to get angry at you. Well, I have something better to do: Make you swallow my piss while you stare at my pussy. And you're going to jerk off while you're doing it! Hahaha.....It's the only way I could ever imagine watching whip out that little dicklet!  


Human Bidet

Its time for you to open wide and put be your useful self: as My human bidet. My bladder is very full and this latex outfit is not helping the pressure. Since your only purpose is to serve me I want you to swallow it ALL and efficiently. Don't waste time as I have a friend over who also needs the toilet...

Faggy's Maid for Blackmail

You might think I'm here to clean but I have news for. In this sensual yet humiliating POV I tell you the real reason why I haven't quit working for you. How does someone as disgusting as you have such a lovely wife? When I was dusting your safe I notice you forgot to lock it: that bag of lingerie, breast forms, dildo and the inhalant? And those poloroids? Ha! You're my bitch now. Let's start with tripling my salary and modelling your lingerie for me. Got Femdom fantasies? Beware of what you wish for! I won't say anything about your wife for now, but you are going to pay for a lavish ladies night for just the two of us. For now its time to gag on this cock and drink up my golden nectar.

Greedy GFE

Don't you thank you lucky stars everyday for having such a hot dominant Goddess as a girlfriend? Before you met me women paid zero attention to you, and now you and your beta bitch energy have found a purpose. Your reward is my pleasure so thank me for humiliating you, for fucking superior men, for giving you orders everyday and most of all for spending your money.

The Condom Chronicles

Mistress Damazonia and I have a slave waiting in the wings to be used and by our cocks. We keep him salivating as we discuss the multiple uses we have for used condoms. Our lovers' jizz doesn't make it to the trash can; it makes it to the freezer. There, it is kept on ice for later consumption by a dirty slave. Now, time to fuck the slut waiting in the wings. He will get spit roasted and we will take turns at each end.

Beta Virgin for Life

Do you find yourself getting friend zoned all the time? Let's face it: you will remain a beta virgin for life. The sooner you accept this the easier life will be. Stop telling yourself you are saving it for marriage. You're hardly attractive and you'll never make enough money to get a trophy wife, but I'll help you... Embrace the fact that your little dicklet will only get hard for Femdom porn and that you'll only get attention from women out of your league if you pay for it. Accept that if you do try to lose your virginity you're gonna suck at it an disappoint. Stroke that ugly little thing

Chubby Sissy Ruined

Ms Siren Thorn and I notice you have been pigging out on girl scout cookies rather than working out at the gym. Bad beta bitch! Asian Goddesses spit has way less calories than cookies, so lick it up fatso. We make you sniff our sweaty delicious bodies while humiliating you for being a weak, chubby loser with no self control. Chastity is the only way for you. We do allow you to unlock briefly as we crop your balls...when you're just about to cum, we beat your hand away leaving you with a frustrating mess to clean.