We'll never need a real toilet again

Mistress Damazonia brings her sissy "Bimbo" over to serve us both. This is the slave who receives regular pee feeding and today she will consume from both of us. Misstress Damazonia empties her bladder into a paper cup leaving room for me to go next. I fill the cup and overflow onto the floor. Disgusting but so is Bimbo. She is thirsty and ordered to drink up then clean the tiles...

Toilet Treat

How thirsty are you slave?  You look like you are salivating over there with your little bulge.  My newly gifted corset is putting a lot of pressure on my bladder so...are you ready for your treat?  If you really want me to serve me as a toilet understand that I don't accept spillage.  Any waste drops will result in punishments of my choice.


Stepmom's Stockings

You're the perviest stepson bitch I ever had. Sneaking through my lingerie and dreaming about fucking your Step-Dad's trophy wife. I understand the second part, but the first is just pervy. I'll tell Step-Dad I caught you unless you show me what you do with my filthy stockings. Worship these, bitch. In front of me. Clean these well-worn hose and show me how much you love it! 


Stinky Sock Sucker

I am wearing a gift from an admirer that happens to match my pussy socks. My feet are ripe from my long flight to Toronto and my pits are unwashed. So what? This bitch will sniff my stinky socks, and endure my pungent feet on his face! The smellier, the better!

Pool Lessons with Bob

This is a funny behinds the scene outtake of my Cuckie Meets Pool Boy video.  After cuckie gets a load of cum from my ball I order him to remain on the table while my videographer Bob (of Bobs T Girls) gives me a mini poollesson.

Ballbusting the Bartender

What happens when my domestic servant messes up a simple cocktail order?  Extreme tongue lashing and severe ball busting to follow, of course.  I deliver hardcore twists, punches, knees and kicks to get my message across.  I start in my high sharp heels and continue barefoot.  I bust him from the front and back, pull his hair, trample his cock and balls, make him cry and remind him that no one will want to fuck him after all this abuse.  Afterwards I tell him to make me another drink.  This time I expect him to get it right.

Boot Humiliation with Siren

Siren Thorn and I are wearing our hot leather boots, gifted to us by our boot benefactor. We describe how ww will abuse and degrade you in our footwear, and yes- this involves your dick, bitch! Remember- we want our soles clean. Whatever mess you make, you will have to consume- off our boots. 

Rude Sailor Socks

I've just come home from a costume party and finally get a chance to take my heels off and show you my extremely well worn socks.  Just like a rude sailor, my over knee anchor socks will wake you up.  Well what are you waiting for? Get to work and suck out all the grime to make my sexy socks look as fresh and clean as new.

Party On the Edge

I knew you were a closet kinkcter when we met on tinder recently.  Only 3 dates later I have you in chastity and we are getting ready in our hotel room for a sex positive party with my friends.  You have been fantasizing about a dominant woman your whole life and here I am.  I want to move forward with you tonight after we are done grinding on the steamy dance floor.  Your cock will be so heavy with metal and cum and you will experience the most erotic tease of your life.  That cock belongs to me.  We have a big bed and after the party you will suck your first cock.  The front desk guy (who knocks on the door and talks to me during the video) is pretty cute. You want to find your way to my pussy right?  I will unlock you only after your first blowjob. There is no reason to be in denial about your sexual orientation in an environment like this.  No one will judge you when you take that big juicy salty cock for me. I knew you were the one...

Don't be a P poser

Today you are given a rare opportunity to serve two gorgeous latex clad Asian Goddesses.  Siren Thorn and I  tease and humiliate you for your tiny throbbing cock, plug your ass, and make you clean our sexy heels and latex.  Show us what a desperate hungry bitch you are, and how you long to be filled up by our divine nectar. Before you even think about drinking from the source you must drink all our P from this doggie dish. We fill up the dish and even offer you a straw. Don't be a P poser; you're a puppy, not a chicken!