Latex Nurse Breathplay

This is a custom POV: Are you ready for your examination? This is not a regular clinic; we special in treating sexual abnormalities and some of our methods may be uncomfortable. I've read your file and I'm sure this will help. First let me put this slutty sissy gag and chastity device on you while I tease you with my latex. Lets test your lung capacity as I smother you with my boobs and ass again and again. Next I will have to check your prostate and help extract a sperm sample...are you feeling woozy? Best not pass out before you cum as that would be a shame...

Penis Reduction Surgery

Penis reduction surgery is a rare procedure and it sure worked on this patient. A few final tests are necessary before he can be released. Raevyn Rose and I love torturing men when they are helpless and pacified. Using sounds, clamps, needles humbler and a cruel spike cock ring we don't hold back on this small dick man. Can he cum through all the pain with my stroking? If you are a fan of CBT you will love this video.


Whispering Medic

I whisper slowly to pacify you as you are going into surgery. You are terrifled of pain but rest assured that I will take care of you and minimize any discomfort. I have reviewed your medical history and you are in the very best of hands. Just listen to my whisper and visit your happy place. I tease you with my body, occasionally snapping my latex dress and slowly opening a long biopsy needle...


Prison Cuckold ~ full version + bloopers

This is a combination of Prison Nurse Cuckold parts 1 & 2 plus a funny behind the scenes extra at the end: I am a twisted prison Psych Nurse dressed in tight latex with a huge appetite for torture and sex. My female prisoner gets locked in a bondage cage and made to watch through the bars. My chained male slave is forced to wear painful hand traps which screw into his fingers as he is a chronic masturbator. I make him lie face up on a stool by the cage, lift my dress up and force him lick my ass while smothering him. Once I'm properly warmed up a well endowed guard enters my pussy in doggystyle over the slave's face and starts to pound me hard and long. Between switching positions I finger myself and feed my juices to my sexually frustrated male slave, giving him a taste of what he can never have, and all in view of my female prisoner. My stud continues to fuck me hard on top of the cage, making me scream and moan, and he even steps on the male inmate. I take a break on slave's face making him lick my juicy pussy before continuing getting pounded over his chained body and face. While giving my lover a blowjob I force my cuckold to open his mouth and taste my lover's precum from the source. The scene ends with a explosion of jizz all over cuckie's face hair and mouth. What a lucky slave! 

He needs more CBT

n this extremely vicious medical procedure my patient is "treated" by Myself and Mistress Kandy. Since his lobotomy he hasn't been able to get hard.  We decide that needling of the genitalia might help.  Wearing our sexy latex outfits I facesit him full weight while we torture him using clamps, a urethral sound and many needles. Kandy sticks a needle in between her teeth and makes multiple puntures. All in a day's hard work!

Youthful Rejuvenation Project

Mistress Kandy and I run a special clinic that rejuvenates men through laser and electric shock therapy. Our patient is bound to the operating table and we proceed to zap his dick and the insides of his thighs with electricity. He had confided to us that he couldn't cum, so we decide to punish his cock with hard slaps, punches and knees. To let him experience an erect dick, I drop a sound down his urethra. But ultimately, I know this patient is bluffing about his sexual orientation. His erectile difficulties don't stem from age, they stem from the fact that he fantasizes about dick. I call the doctor over, and he inserts his dick in the patient's mouth. The patient is forced to swallow the load. Cured! 


Well Nurse Her Back To Health

When a new nurse faints on duty, her career is in jeopardy. Still, TS Staci and I give her the benefit of the doubt. We tie Newbie Nurse to the operating table and run a series of medical tests on her. Surprise, surprise, she has a dick! Newbie Nurse is subjected to sounding, ball squeezing, nipple play and Staci takes her temperature the old fashioned way: Propping her mouth open and sticking her dick in Newbie’s mouth. She’s running a fever, but responds well to a hand job. Too well. She’s ready to blow her load! But if she doesn’t, she’ll be consigned to the janitor’s closet and made to service the functioning dicks in the hospital! 

Post Orgasm Blowjob Torture

My gimp patient is wearing my dildo harness and bound to the medical cage. Although heavily pacified his cock starts coming to life while I ride his face. I love using my patients as sex toys, and this one hasn't cum in over 2 weeks. I decide to grant him a blowjob...but not from me. I summon another patient and order him to blow my gimp and eat his cum...but the fun doesn't stop there. I want the blowjob to continue. Keep sucking harder even after you've swallowed it all!

Cock Sucking Recovery

The patients at this clinic receive very special care from me. I'm sitting on a bound naked patient and inspecting his cock while he looks up at my latex clad pussy and ass.  His penis needs to be fully functional before he is discharged so I probe him with my sharp wheel, metal claw then I fuck his cock with my uretheral sounds.  So far so good.  My other patient is underneath us, locked under the medical table.  This second one is malnourished and lacking in testosterone.  How very convenient.  I leash him out of the table and instruct him to suck his first cock.  Little does he know that giving blowjobs and licking balls is highly addictive. I can tell by his enthusiasm that this is just the beginning.


He's back for some special testing that requires bondage. He is hooded and made to wear special hand traps that prevent escape and may even help with his nervous habit. Wearing a very skimpy latex uniform I climb on him and toy with him using electrodes on his cock and even an electric sound. I tease him with wartenburg wheels, fuck him with a prostate toy and every now and then I take breaks to spit on his cock and stroke him. I feel that the examination is going very well and reward him with a big juicy treat.