Panty Fetish Therapy

You have been coming to me for therapy sessions hoping to cure your panty fetish for almost a year now. Unfortunately for you things are not fact you are getting even more addicted. As a last resort I'm going to try a reserve psychology treatment and immerse you deeply in your desires and make you worship my panties. From now on you will only fantasize about my panties. I take them off and show you how wet I am from all the sex I've been having and how you will serve me. Did you actually think you would overcome your sexual addiction with a doctor like me?

Latex Nurse Breathplay

This is a custom POV: Are you ready for your examination? This is not a regular clinic; we special in treating sexual abnormalities and some of our methods may be uncomfortable. I've read your file and I'm sure this will help. First let me put this slutty sissy gag and chastity device on you while I tease you with my latex. Lets test your lung capacity as I smother you with my boobs and ass again and again. Next I will have to check your prostate and help extract a sperm sample...are you feeling woozy? Best not pass out before you cum as that would be a shame...

Breathless Boss Pantyhose

You certainly won't be earning any privileges with your lack of work ethics.  I called you over to my office to tell you that although I won't be firing you, I will extend your probation period by month if you last for the next few minutes...  I see you have a thing for my legs and pantyhose.  But do you know how legal they are?  The bad news is that once I squeeze the attitude out of you I will end you.  This video was inspired by a recent extreme breath play session in DC:)

Beatings will continue

Miss Xi and think our employee is disgusting, and we have so much dirt on him. We know he is desperate to make ends meet and that his wife would divorce him if she knew about his online activities. We make him bend over the desk and we take turns caning and cropping his ass until he screams and cries while make us beat him even harder. This loser will work over time everyday this week. I order him to the ground where he is told to kiss our feet...this is going to be a long week.

Bitch Boss Dick Face

My employee of the month has been wearing a dickface harness all day.  Chained to the desk with drool soaking his tie he is made to penetrate me with his face dildo as warm up before a real date.  I strip down to my open bra and panties and enjoy myself thoroughly.  I surprise him with my friend Mistress XI who has previously met dickface on Seeking Arrangement.  We humiliate him together and finally let him know that we have been filming the entire time.  Dickface will do everything I ask for or I'll send the video to his wife.


Bitch Boss Stocking Worship

My most obedient and subservient sub has won the Employee of the Month award. His hard work has paid off and I reward him while he is chained to my chain.  My rewards are his.  My pleasure is his.  After work everyday he stays and worships me.  All my employees including one is chastity.  I order him to take my heels off and worship my gorgeous sheer stockings, starting from my toes up to my thighs. Lots of toe wiggling and spreading and showing off my pretty pedicure through my stockings. I uncross my legs giving him a glimpse of what he'll never have through my crotchless panties.  Don't you wish you were him?

Office Dickhead Service

What does it take for this lowly slave to get hired?  To spend his day grovelling by my feet and to "prime" me for dates, at my command.  At least he will always be hard when he is on his knees wearing this latex face dildo.  When a real man comes over this pathetic loser will be left under the desk.  Lots of humiliating and teasing talk.  What else can slave do to impress me and prove his worth?  Servitude as a human toilet is a must at my office.

Office Doormat Training

My lucky employee in training is being put to the test: how long can he kneel for at my feet under the desk?  I recently received a few pairs of shoes by my admirers and this is the perfect opportunity to have my new servant begin his shoe worship training.  Practice makes perfect but there is ample time while works around the clock for me and sleeps under my desk.  Soon the soles he will be licking and heels he will be sucking won't be sparkling new like these.  There will be all types of dirty and fluids on my shoes for him to consume.  I slip into each beautiful pair of heels directing this lucky bitch on how to worship my shoes.  I even make him suck my sweaty stockings clean.  Soon enough the office doormat will be cleaning everyones' footwear, every day.


Office life can be really boring generally.  My office bitch entertains me though. He originally applied to work for me with a crappy resume so I keep him naked underneath my desk all day when I'm not torturing him.  He at least keeps my heels polished and sweaty stockings cleaned.  I need to look perfect for every single meeting and a little stress relief on my feet works wonders.  If he doesn't work I trample him.  When I'm bored of him I pass him onto the other women in the office.