Chun Li Demands Worship

I've been punching kicking elbowing and kneeing loser guys all day. As My personal slave you now have to worship my dirty white boots. I take off my boots and make you worship my delicious pantyhose sweaty muscular legs and feet. Once I feel you have done an adequate job I strip to just pantyhose and smother you with your pussy.



I'm fresh out of the office and now relaxing in my sexy designer pantyhose & heels. I know how weak you get when I tease you with my feet and legs through my gorgeous sheer hosiery. I know that deep down you are a little pantyhose bitch and invite you inside, removing my dress and ordering you on the ground. I give you a very up close and intimate look and just when you think I will let you cum I decide to release a huge stream of golden nectar all over your face through the crotch of my hose. Your only job now is to lick and suck my pantyhose dry.


I'm showing off my tiger print sheer nude Wolford pantyhose and heels on the balcony. Time to give you a sexy sensual footjob stopping only to taste you. I know you love the feel of my pantyhose and the sight of my silver toenails showing through. I make you cum hard even to make a huge mess and to soak my pantyhose toes through. Amazing view all the way :-)



In this clip I tease you with my nude sheer pantyhose with black cuban heel and back seam. I tease you with the sound of my silky thighs rubbing together, and show off my red toenails and soles through my hose, then begin jerking your cock with my feet using saliva and lube. Eventually when I feel you have been edging for long enough I strip out of my pantyhose and make you cum all over my perfectly pedicured feet. This clip is a foot and pantyhose lover's dream.



What an honor to be a carpet for one of my Femdom parties, but with that honor comes great responsibilities.  That means that even though he's been trampled and worn out over the years, his brutal training continues.  Trampling in stiletto's and with fishnet stockinged feet, I bound the slaves arms behind his back to avoid him wanting to shift my feet to a more comfortable area.  He is there to suffer for me for a long while!



My new scissor slave claims he can take a lot of pressure on his face and neck, so I start facesitting then scissor him topless and in my sexy designer pantyhose. The victim taps alot but has a massive hard on fighting for his breath. Between stroking his cock and squeezing his head and neck I explain why I enjoy scissoring guys like him: I love feeling the pain of their regret and their deflated egos. The poor guy cries in the end.