It's Not Rocket Science

Worshipping the female foot is something that comes naturally to submissive bitches. Still, they need to be taught a thing or two......such as how to remove a high heeled sandal! Bitches need to be trained with some patience, and some punishment, to mould them into the perfect foot servant. 


Boot Humiliation with Siren

Siren Thorn and I are wearing our hot leather boots, gifted to us by our boot benefactor. We describe how ww will abuse and degrade you in our footwear, and yes- this involves your dick, bitch! Remember- we want our soles clean. Whatever mess you make, you will have to consume- off our boots. 

We Don't Fuck Footboys

My friend Siren Thorn and I have spent the evening dancing in our pumps and brought you home with us to service our feet. Bitch boys like you get to clean the grime off our clubbing shoes, then lick the sweat off our sore feet. We lube up our feet for you and tease you with toe spreads, wrinkling our soles and rubbing our feet together. You get a cum countdown at the end. 


Trample Prison Box Torture

Mistress Kandy and I are wearing patent stiletto platforms and our little slave is locked in a wooden dance floor bondage box. This makes for a perfect setting for vicious CBT and trampling. Mistresses Kandy and I dig our platforms and heels into his cock and balls, often simultaneously. We twist and torture his balls until he is in agonizing pain, ignoring his cries and showing zero mercy.


Ruined by Shoes and Stockings

I made this POV clip for a slave with a huge shoe, foot & stocking fetish who purchased these dangerous high heels off my wishlist. You get a really good idea of what it feels like on your knees, under my heels and stockinged feet, teased and ruined. 


My Stinky Flats

I'm dressed in lingerie and a pair of very smelling ballet flats. I slowly take them off to tease you with my pretty bare feet (mainly soles) and instruct you to worship my sweaty soles toes and shoes. Imagine I've giving you a foot job: jerk off to me but follow the same slow rhythm as my feet. Stop and go as I instruct. I finish with a cum countdown, telling you to take big sniffs of my smelly feet as you cum. This is a custom video and a name is used few times throughout.

Gym Time Foot Loser

You are the creepy old dude who gawks at girls at the gym, checking out our hot outfits but never lifting a single weight.  I see you staring at my dirty sneakers which I'm wearing without socks. They are old and dirty just like you.  The only attention you will get from me is through the consumption of my foot stench, foot gunk and inhalation of my sweaty runners and insoles. Lot of closeups and humiliating instructions for a dirty old man.  The biohazardous sneakers will be auctioned off on


Office Doormat Training

My lucky employee in training is being put to the test: how long can he kneel for at my feet under the desk?  I recently received a few pairs of shoes by my admirers and this is the perfect opportunity to have my new servant begin his shoe worship training.  Practice makes perfect but there is ample time while works around the clock for me and sleeps under my desk.  Soon the soles he will be licking and heels he will be sucking won't be sparkling new like these.  There will be all types of dirty and fluids on my shoes for him to consume.  I slip into each beautiful pair of heels directing this lucky bitch on how to worship my shoes.  I even make him suck my sweaty stockings clean.  Soon enough the office doormat will be cleaning everyones' footwear, every day.


Office life can be really boring generally.  My office bitch entertains me though. He originally applied to work for me with a crappy resume so I keep him naked underneath my desk all day when I'm not torturing him.  He at least keeps my heels polished and sweaty stockings cleaned.  I need to look perfect for every single meeting and a little stress relief on my feet works wonders.  If he doesn't work I trample him.  When I'm bored of him I pass him onto the other women in the office.