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Beta Virgin for Life

Do you find yourself getting friend zoned all the time? Let's face it: you will remain a beta virgin for life. The sooner you accept this the easier life will be. Stop telling yourself you are saving it for marriage. You're hardly attractive and you'll never make enough money to get a trophy wife, but I'll help you... Embrace the fact that your little dicklet will only get hard for Femdom porn and that you'll only get attention from women out of your league if you pay for it. Accept that if you do try to lose your virginity you're gonna suck at it an disappoint. Stroke that ugly little thing

Chubby Sissy Ruined

Ms Siren Thorn and I notice you have been pigging out on girl scout cookies rather than working out at the gym. Bad beta bitch! Asian Goddesses spit has way less calories than cookies, so lick it up fatso. We make you sniff our sweaty delicious bodies while humiliating you for being a weak, chubby loser with no self control. Chastity is the only way for you. We do allow you to unlock briefly as we crop your balls...when you're just about to cum, we beat your hand away leaving you with a frustrating mess to clean.

Everyone is getting fucked

This is romantic for me: Sitting on my husband's face and describing in detail all the action I've been getting on the side while he's naked and tied down. I love mentally torturing cuckie while talking about my sexcapades. It didn't take long to figure out that my husband was a cuckold, besides Ive always needed multiple men to satisfy me. I tell cuckie about the gang bang parties that are organized here in Vancouver... he'll be chauffeuring me over and I'll be the last woman to leave.

Hardcore Cuckold part 1

My husband gets to watch me pleasure another well endowed bull and this time I humiliate him to the extreme. Cuckie is collared chained and forced to lick my shoes and stockings while wearing lacy panties. For the first part I ignore him while sucking and fucking my bull, but I also get huge pleasure by smacking my cuckold in the face, spitting my lover's precum in his mouth, calling him my faggot and comparing his tiny penis to my lover's huge dick. In this clip I get fucked harder than I ever have on film in various positions, and my bull also participate in the verbal degradation of the cuckold asking my husband to sniff his ass while watching his wife get fucked hard. I loved filming this and was highly entertained while editing afterwards. There is nothing easy about pleasing me ;-)

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My masochist slave is restrained by leather straightjacket sleeves. The last time I busted him he couldn't take much so today I lured him with the promise of cock. I'm wearing a massive strap on and have two other larger dildos on hard. Between hard kicks punches and knees to his cock and balls I also beat him hard with my other dildos and make him suck the gigantic dick that is attached to me. What will break first my cock or his?

I've Lined Up 20 Guys Hubby

I've learnt over the years that men can be quite flakey when meeting over the internet. This is why I try to over invite. This time I've lined up 20 guys to come over and fuck me. They may or may not all show up, but either way you have much work to do. You will handle the bedding, music, flowers, and so on, but most importantly you will be doing a lot of fluffing. I go into extremely nasty detail about how the night will unfold and you notice that I'm not wearing any panties. “You are going to be here a long time, but you want to work hard for your wife’s pleasure don’t you?” The sheets will be soaked with cum, just like my pussy. If you do well you might get to clean me afterwards. Are you ready?


Fuck Me Fuck You

Mistress Kandy and I are humiliating our tiny dick loser. So small it looks like a 3rd testicle. Thankfully he is wearing a dildo gag harness and fucking my pussy with it. Bitch boy also taking Mistress Kandy's fingers and juicy black cock deep in his panty clad ass. I give him a break to suck the pussy juices off my dildo, and continue to abuse our sub.

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Four Dommes One Small Dick

What happens when 4 Dommes encounter a small dick loser? We shame him to no end. Mistress Kandy, TS Staci,Goddess Holly and I take turns sitting on his face, pinching his testicles and cock with clothespins and laughing at his unfortunate self... He even gets the privilege of licking TS Staci's ass and having her much larger cock and balls mashing his pathetic face!