You are hopelessly addicted to my intoxicating scent and taste. Wearing minimal lingerie and my thigh high boots I order you to sniff lick and clean between my sweaty ass cheeks. Feeling weak? Of course you are. Are you thirsty? It doesn't matter. As my human toilet you serve to swallow every drop that comes out of me.


Faggy's Maid for Blackmail

You might think I'm here to clean but I have news for. In this sensual yet humiliating POV I tell you the real reason why I haven't quit working for you. How does someone as disgusting as you have such a lovely wife? When I was dusting your safe I notice you forgot to lock it: that bag of lingerie, breast forms, dildo and the inhalant? And those poloroids? Ha! You're my bitch now. Let's start with tripling my salary and modelling your lingerie for me. Got Femdom fantasies? Beware of what you wish for! I won't say anything about your wife for now, but you are going to pay for a lavish ladies night for just the two of us. For now its time to gag on this cock and drink up my golden nectar.

We'll never need a real toilet again

Mistress Damazonia brings her sissy "Bimbo" over to serve us both. This is the slave who receives regular pee feeding and today she will consume from both of us. Misstress Damazonia empties her bladder into a paper cup leaving room for me to go next. I fill the cup and overflow onto the floor. Disgusting but so is Bimbo. She is thirsty and ordered to drink up then clean the tiles...

Make Her Cum

You watch all my videos, but you're obsessed over the ones with Mistress Staci. All you can think about is dick....or her load on your face. Today is your lucky day. Staci is right here with me, and you get to watch as I stroke her dick, make out with her, and get her hot and ready. Your job is to make her cum. After that, you lick up the mess. That includes my . 

Pantyhose Toilet Bitch

You belong underneath underneath me as I know your weakness: Me wearing only sheer sandal foot pantyhose with a very full bladder. I tease you with my feet, legs and ass and order you to open your mouth wide and consume all of my warm delicious golden nectar. Your next task is to lick and suck my pantyhose clean. My toilet bitch will love the great closeups and angles to this video almost as good as the real thing.


Lick Our Asses and Our Girlfriends' Asses

Mistress Kandy's slave has been well trained to clean dirty assholes. She verbally degrades him while I flog his balls.  There’s so much nasty toilet talk in this scene so not for the squeamish. Kandy spreads her ass cheeks wide to show that it has been cleaned properly and how its my turn...Lots of closeups, sensual CBT, and extremely humiliating toilet talk.


I'm fresh out of the office and now relaxing in my sexy designer pantyhose & heels. I know how weak you get when I tease you with my feet and legs through my gorgeous sheer hosiery. I know that deep down you are a little pantyhose bitch and invite you inside, removing my dress and ordering you on the ground. I give you a very up close and intimate look and just when you think I will let you cum I decide to release a huge stream of golden nectar all over your face through the crotch of my hose. Your only job now is to lick and suck my pantyhose dry.


My designated butt sniffer slave is being promoted to acting as my human bidet and toilet. Who needs toilet paper when I have one of these losers? I haven't showered and am super gassy from Mexican food. I aggressively rub his face on my pussy and ass.  This loser is so addicted to my scent that he cannot help but comply when I tell him to open wide and inhale all my juices, smells and wastes. I know this one will make me proud.