Earn the Right to Suck Dick

Suck our heels first wow us with your deep throating skills before you get to work on Staci's cock! Our shoes are grimy and my feet- which you will sniff- have just performed a foot job. You want dick so bad you'll take all the humiliation we dish out. Maybe, just maybe, Staci will let you touch her dick. 

Make him hard

Some bitches only get hard when beaten. I have such a bitch bound to a chair, and he is made to endure a blowjob by Bitch B in order to get his dick hardenough to deserve a second beating. My friends Goddess Koi and Mistress Staci assist me in this task. Bitch A gets kicked and punched in the balls to speed up his hard on, while he is also made to suck Mistress Staci’s cock. Bitch B sucks off Bitch A, then blows Staci. Neither of the cocksuckers gets the job done, so we decide to tie them up together with a cock gag. They have no choice but to get each other hard. 

Ballbusting Foreplay

Goddess Koi and I have our slaves back to back, hands bound. We are priming them for abuse, and begin by slapping and kicking their balls. The bitches are suffering and we decide that once they hit the floor, their dicks will be flattened under our boots. Lucky slaves! TS Staci joins in the fun, and the slaves sink to the ground. We continue abusing them, removing our footwear to feel their family jewels flattening under our weight. Just when they can't take anymore, they find out this was just the foreplay! 

Coffee and asparagus breakfast

TS Kira Kandella and I have full bladders- Coffee for her, water and asparagus omelette for me. Be our toilet as we expel our liquids. Salty and bitter- and lots of it! 


Hungry hungry cocksucker

This crazy video is an excerpt from the latest Dommes Gone Wild Party. (For more on this party, go here: Dommes Gone Wild) TS Staci, Koi Erotica, Kandy Kink and myself have two slaves service each other. The first slave is held trapped between Kandy's thighs while Kimono slave sucks his dick. Kimono slave has never deep throated before and is forced to go the distance! Meanwhile, the slave getting his dick sucked is subjected to nipple torture, face sitting and some foot gagging. No rest for he who receives a blowjob! Finally, the lucky slave is made to suck Staci's dick and proves his worth by swallowing her load! What next for the slaves? Golden nectar time! 

Stupid hungry sissy

TS Staci and I have been humiliating my sissy slave.  I'm filming this video and talking to Staci and humiliating the slave.  Sissy is made to wear a very stupid looking latex mask with big red lips which make it impossible to talk but easy to suck dick.  I've trained sissy to be a hungry cock whore and she works very hard deepthroating TS Staci's huge cock...sucking all the protein out of her.  Sissy is rewarded by licking Staci's ass and balls and being allowed to cum.   

Feet Balls and Cum Loads

TS Staci, myself, Kandy Kink and Koi Erotica subject a lucky slave to having his dick sucked by another slave, while servicing our feet, another slave's, and another TS Domme's feet. (He can't tell the difference between men and women's feet under that hood of his!) The lucky slave also gets teabagged by both TS mistresses, and is rewarded with a juicy cum load from the redhead TS domme. Lots of hard dicks, pre-cum and humiliating activities for all slaves involved! 

Panty Thief Whipping + Bloopers

My bro is a panty thief and this time he got caught by my visiting friend TS Staci. Thankfully we have a dominant friend who's as sadistic as he is skilled at singletailing. With little bro bound to a cross and gagged with panties he gets his first real double whipping. While he screams out in agony we talk about showing this video to the entire family. We laugh at his demise and Scott promises that his marks will last. There are two funny behind the scenes parts which was left in. Mz Blaze is filming and we all can't help but laugh our faces off.


Panty Thief Ballbusting

Whenever I have friends over my pervy little brother does something creepy.  TS Staci and I caught him sniffing her panties.  Staci gags him with the panties and take turns torturing him while he is tied on the cross.  Lot of humiliating talk, merciless twisting and hard whacks to the balls.

He Hates Cocks and Feet

On 4/20 Mistress Kandy, Koi Erotica and TS Staci hosted a special event for our dirtiest slaves: Dommes Gone Wild. Slave1 is completely bound including his cock while Slave 2 is ordered to give a "just the tip" blowjob while Slave3 licks Kandy Kink's ass. TS Staci begins to teabag and gag Slave1 with her juicy cock. Since Slave1 hates cock and feet I decide to ruin his orgasm with a footjob. Will I ruin a second orgasm? Join us on the bed for the humiliating festivities...where slaves' mouthes are always full cock, ass, feet or cum. Party link