Fantasy Fornication

A continuation "Fantasy Foreplay"Watch me kiss, lick, ride and get pounded HARD by a well hung stud while I'm in latex & fishnets. Clip contains no verbals but lots of moaning so enjoy like a fly on the wall or imagine that you are with me. This clip is fantastic for cuckolds in training too:)

Chastity Training Torture

Mistress Raevyn Rose and I humiliate you for your tiny dick. Something like that needs to be castrated, or locked up forever. Too bad they don't make chastity devices in extra small. I tell Raevyn a real story while I show her my metal device and an extra sadistic cock ring with razor sharp spikes. Once it slides on and you get hard there is no way out. Wanna try these devices out? Of course you do. This is the only time you will ever have two hot women handle your cock. As you as you are locked up you find out we tell you about our intentions. It's too late to turn back now...

Chastity Today Eunuch Tomorrow

Welcome to extreme office tease and denial.  Mistress XI and I decide that you have passed your probation.  You are now the employee bitch of the month.  You’re about to be placed into permanent chastity, as this is required of all employees who pass probation.  We place it on you and tease you with our bodies. In no time you will wish you had no dick at all, in fact, you might wish you were a eunuch once we are done.

Chastity Challenge

After months of phone calls and distance assignments we finally meet in person for the first time.  We enjoy a great dinner and now I'm modelling the sexy lingerie you bought me.  I know you've never been locked in chastity before and I also know that you're a chronic masturbator. so you need this more than anything.  It may hurt if you think about sex so try not to ok? As soon as I lock your cock up my tone changes and I tell you that I'm keeping you overnight....24 hr minimum as discussed.  Likely longer depending on how hard to try to please me.  Are you changing your mind after all those phone calls? Watch me drop the key into my cleavage and down against my pussy lips...Too late to turn back as that cock belongs to ME.

Cardinal's Fucking Cumswap

The Cardinal has been caught masturbating and losing control over his sexual urges... I use his weakness to my advantage and keep him locked in chastity and only unlock him to tease him and use him as my sex slave. The Church controls him and I control him. Watch me strip out of my nun bait, tease him, ride his face, unlock his cock and fuck him long and hard until I snowball a huge load of cum in his mouth. Back to the confession booth now.

Survival of Forest Gimp

Forest gimp has been chained up in the woods for days and I almost forgot to check up on him. I lead the viewer off a hiking trail into the woods.  I uncover a large plastic tarp to reveal a spread eagled collared gimped.  His limps are chained to pegs in the ground and his cock is locked is locked in chastity.  I sit on his face and am shocked to see that not only is he alive hes hard under his chastity device.  I grind my ass hard and remind him that the only nourishment he deserves is sweat from between my legs and some leaves and moss...and then there's my Mistress Cock.


Your cock is undisciplined just like the rest of you.  You are a disapointment,  but I can help you become a better man.  What you need is long term chastity.  A lifetime ultimately, but we will start with a week and go from them. Stop getting hard or this is going to hurt. If you get turned on in the middle of the night don't even think of texting me to release you.  If you annoy me I'll send you porn to create even more tension.  You know how much I love cbt and teasing... you will just have to power through the first week.


My cuck has been left tied up all night in chastity while I have been out partying and fucking other men...I return from my debaucherous evening still sweaty from dancing and sex and make him lick my sore feet and cum filled pussy and ass. I tease him about his chastity cage and promise him that I'll let him cum if he does a good job of cleaning my freshly fucked body...and he must work very very hard to earn it! Eventually I decide that he should be rewarded, and unlock him, but keep him tied up and gently stoke his cock until he gets to the edge a couple of times, threatening to lock him back or ruin his orgasm. The clip ends with one of the messiest epic cumshots I've seen. Time to lock him back up! 


What do I do with my lover when he is desperately horny? I lock his cock in a chastity cage, sit on his face and give him the never ending blowjob. Too bad he can only sort of feel me but not cum.  I could do this all day.



Mistress Sydney and I know what a loser you are and that your cock serves you zero purpose except for your chronic masturbation needs. We decide to lock your cock up and pacify you through chastity training. We agree that one week is a good start but it will lead to longer. Your cock will look prettier in its cage and its bars for CBT. I want this to be a painful learning experience for you. Once you are locked you will start buying and watching lots of our videos and attempt to jerk off through the cage. Lock yourself up and send us the key.