Beatings will continue

Miss Xi and think our employee is disgusting, and we have so much dirt on him. We know he is desperate to make ends meet and that his wife would divorce him if she knew about his online activities. We make him bend over the desk and we take turns caning and cropping his ass until he screams and cries while make us beat him even harder. This loser will work over time everyday this week. I order him to the ground where he is told to kiss our feet...this is going to be a long week.

Bound for Abuse

I subject my bound slave to all sorts of abuse: Face slapping, ball kicking, cock slapping, spitting in his mouth and making him lick my sweaty pits. Meanwhile, I discuss other possible uses for his mouth. This slave is an apt receptacle for bodily fluids......He is finally reduced to tears, which really makes me smile! By the end of the clip, his dick is so chaffed I offer him a piece of pineapple- then decide to rub it on his wounded cock! TLC for abuse well taken.  

Panty Thief Whipping + Bloopers

My bro is a panty thief and this time he got caught by my visiting friend TS Staci. Thankfully we have a dominant friend who's as sadistic as he is skilled at singletailing. With little bro bound to a cross and gagged with panties he gets his first real double whipping. While he screams out in agony we talk about showing this video to the entire family. We laugh at his demise and Scott promises that his marks will last. There are two funny behind the scenes parts which was left in. Mz Blaze is filming and we all can't help but laugh our faces off.


His Crimson Ass Keeps the Spark in Our Marriage

I do my best to train hubby to be the best man he can be, and this often involves some heavy spanking. Women are always in charge of the household, but men must do all the work. When there is fluff in the dryer or crumbs on the floor my hardcore OTK spanking keeps my husband in check. While explaining hubby's domestic role, my sensual spanking with cock and ball grabbing progresses to extremely hard and sadistic with my wooden spoon. I'm so good to my red assed, screaming husband. He doesn't deserve me.

This is How I Help out in the Kitchen

The last time my husband made me steak it was over done.  He should know by now how I like my meat: tenderized and on the rare to blue rare side.  Hubby is naked on the kitchen island with arm restrains. I decide to demonstrate how to prepare meat: on his ass. While talking about the use of kitchen implements I brutally paddle and cane his ass. I remind him that to properly prepare steak juices must come to the surface before adding oil and salt.  Things get messy but this is is how you keep a marriage strong. Once his skin is broken and red I rub oil and and salt on his wounds before adding the final spicy ingredient: ghost pepper sauce.  One of my favourite corporal clips to date.


I'm a secretely sadistic & twisted maid who has recently discovered the porn collection on my boss' computer.  I learn that he has deep rooted perversions and that submitting to a woman's cruel discipline is something he needs. Stuck on the spanking bench, cuffs and chains I begin with a bare hand serious spanking. I move onto paddling and notice his hard on....Is he moaning in pain or pleasure? Not that I care but I will definetely have a word with the wife...


Destroying Forest Gimp - The Prequel

Before he was known as Foreset Gimp, my little bro was Backwoods Gump.  He was always such a freak going into the forest and jerking off against the trees.  I've always enjoyed humiliating and beating him.  Some things don't change even when youre all grown up. With my bro naked against a tree I make him hump him and pull his ass hairs until he screams.  I start with spanking him very hard and then move on to hardcore caning with a stick I found on the ground.  I threaten to call the entire fam if he complains or moves.  I don't care that he is wailing and that the mosquitoes are biting him. I beat his ass until it is completely raw and broken, then make him lie on the ground so I can stomp on his cock and balls.  I know he knows I do this out of love.



I beat my husband for his own good, and he understands that. He can never quite satisfy me though and needs constant discipline.  I get him over my knees showing that his ass has already been badly beaten.  The best slaves are the strong ones, and I tell him that I will crop him brutally and after he must prepare a bubble bath with essential oils and bring champagne and rub my shoulders.  "Make me a rare steak, I like my meat , after all" I crop his ass showing no mercy, and instruct him to prepare a bubble bath with essential oils and glass of champagne for myself, and a salt bath for his wounds, in the other bathroom of course.  I don't want him to join me in luxury I just want to hear him wail.

Massage Femdom Style

I start out giving my client a sensual massage and comment about how he needs to stretch more while I'm on top of him. I pull his arms back and put them in bondage telling him that it will help with his tension and increase his flexibility. Out comes a small hairbrush which I use on his ass... light percussion will help break up the scar tissue I tell him.  As the implements become larger the strikes become harder until his ass is raw.  I even use a large wooden rod on his feet. I'm punishing him for being rude to my receptionist and my real massage therapy speciality is a technique call bloodletting. Here is a video sample of his pain on my Twitter:  (shot using a phone against my monitor, clip is HD)


Every husband needs to be kept in line through hard spanking with loving intention.  Men often forget about priorities and duties but mine is reminded every morning who is boss: my husband gets over my lap and receives a hard spanking.  I talk to the camera and give a candid demonstration. This daily routine has saved our marriage.  I rub his bum gently at times to stimulate him and then deliver hard repeated blows until his cheeks are bright red.  Hubby cries out for me to stop but he knows I do this for his own good.