Taste of Nylon

What is so addictive about pantyhose- is it the look, the smell, the taste? All of the above? Watch my lucky slave worship my feet and ass through my tan pantyhose. Once he's performed those duties, he will be smothered in my pungent hose. I want them to be as aromatic as possible when I auction them off (the pantyhose, not the slave!

That's what you're good at

It's time to pamper your stocking clad Goddess. Remove my shoe and kiss my toes. My stockings are so sheer if you wet them with your tongue you'll see even more of my toes. Massage me as well.  I like slaves that can multitask and use their hands and mouth simultaneously and well. My legs and feet are sore from dancing this past weekend but as soon as you're done massaging me I'll be ready to ballbust you again...

Sound of Nylons

What is it about pantyhose that makes you so weak? I know you love the look and the touch, but what about the sound of my smooth nylon clad legs rubbing against each other? In this mesmerizing ASMR style clip I cross and uncross my legs, teasing you and creating friction and sound. You are so pacified and unable to resist my scissor ending.

Sheer Pantyhose Footjob

After a day of abuse it turns me on to see that you can still get a hardon.  I love seeing your precum drip after youve been smothered, scissored and trampled. A real man will still have energy after taking all this pressure. Wearing only nude sheer pantihose I tell you I still have more challenges.  I may or may not let you cum but I will continue stroking your frustrated dick.  I lean back and stroke your hardon using my sexy nylon feet.  If you do cum you will eating it off my hose since I don't like messes.  Although you are new to all of this you can't resist the power of my feet.  Big juicy cumshot to finish.

Pantyhose Toilet Bitch

You belong underneath underneath me as I know your weakness: Me wearing only sheer sandal foot pantyhose with a very full bladder. I tease you with my feet, legs and ass and order you to open your mouth wide and consume all of my warm delicious golden nectar. Your next task is to lick and suck my pantyhose clean. My toilet bitch will love the great closeups and angles to this video almost as good as the real thing.


Model My Dirty Stockings

What kind of stocking fetishist are you? Do you like the look, smell, feel.....all of the above? We're gonna take this a step further. You're gonna model a pair of my worn stockings and jerk off in them. Cuz you're the kind of freak that likes to wear them, aren't you? Includes a countdown at the end. Guess who is going to clean up the mess? You are! 

Dirty Stocking Licking Whore

This loser doesn't deserve fresh stockings. Instead he gets to show the world what a dirty licking stocking whore he is by servicing my sweaty (and torn) hose. I've been giving foot jobs in this gunky pair, and this dirty stocking licking whore is gonna suck out all the pre cum. I wipe my soles on his face, stick my feet in his mouth and egg him on with verbal degradation. What's next? My friends are coming over, and the whore's face will serve as a mat they rub their stinky feet on. 

Stocking Overload

You’re a hopeless stocking addict. You’d do anything to worship my fragrant hose. But can you handle two gorgeous women rubbing their worn stockings all over your face and cock- at the same time? Mistress Siren Thorn and I challenge you to make it to the end of this clip. There’s a countdown at the end, but we doubt you’ll make it that far! Lots of foot rubbing, sole wrinkling, toe wiggling and laughter at your expense. Be sure to check out more of stunning Mistress Siren Thorn at her website https://sirenthorn.com

Bitch Boss Stocking Worship

My most obedient and subservient sub has won the Employee of the Month award. His hard work has paid off and I reward him while he is chained to my chain.  My rewards are his.  My pleasure is his.  After work everyday he stays and worships me.  All my employees including one is chastity.  I order him to take my heels off and worship my gorgeous sheer stockings, starting from my toes up to my thighs. Lots of toe wiggling and spreading and showing off my pretty pedicure through my stockings. I uncross my legs giving him a glimpse of what he'll never have through my crotchless panties.  Don't you wish you were him?

Ruined by Shoes and Stockings

I made this POV clip for a slave with a huge shoe, foot & stocking fetish who purchased these dangerous high heels off my wishlist. You get a really good idea of what it feels like on your knees, under my heels and stockinged feet, teased and ruined.