Cuckoldress Strapon

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StrapOn Punishment

What happens after a hard ballbusting session? My slave gets tied to the bed and fucked with one of the large black dildos I've been beating him with. Strapon is a reward as well as a punishment. I can't tell whether his cock is rock hard from my stroking, post ballbusting swelling or from the massive cock. Lots of teasing and humiliating talk. Between slow sensual pegging and deep hard thrusts he receives the ultimate handjob Torment. This video was taken during a real unscripted session.


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Pre Party Strapon

In this completely unscripted video I visit Koi Erotica's hotel room and dress her in sexy lingerie, a collar and leash.  We talk about the filthy things we like to do to men and what to expect at the Goddess Party we are heading to that evening.  I'm wearing my 9" realistic strapon dick with latex lingerie and we decide to have a little preparty fun.  Koi loves getting her wet pierced pussy stretched and pounded hard in various positions. Lots of hot and steamy closeups.

Forest Gimp's Last Supper

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