Destroying Forest Gimp - The Prequel

Before he was known as Forest Gimp, my little bro was Backwoods Gump.  He was always such a freak, going into the forest and jerking off against the trees.  I've always enjoyed humiliating and beating him.  Some things don't change even when you're all grown up. With my bro naked against a tree, I make him hump and pull his ass hairs until he screams.  I start with spanking him very hard and then move on to hardcore caning with a stick I found on the ground.  I threaten to call the entire fam if he complains or moves.  I don't care that he is wailing and that the mosquitoes are biting him. I beat his ass until it is completely raw and broken, then make him lie on the ground so I can stomp on his cock and balls.  I know he knows I do this out of love.