The Girlfriend Experience

This might be the most agressive sex I've ever had, at least on film. Shooting was something we decided to do very last minute. My sex slave is bound to the bed, with cock and balls tied tightly. I place a plastic bag over his head and close it tightly, teasing him lightly with my pussy (little stuffed ), and ride him hard and deep. I stop a few times to punch him hard in the balls while hes still inside me screaming. I pull the bag towards me and use it like reins while riding harder and it eventually rips. No problem... there's always the pillow and an old Tshirt to smother him with. I decide to finish him off with a scissorhold and ignoring his frantic thrashing I knock him . No editing or scripting... you can clearly see the condom hanging out of me when I wasn't aware of it and he does say something mushy about being in love. Enjoy my GFE :-)