Lucky Piece of Meat Part 2

I begin with a hairbrush. My goal is to make symmetrical marks, so one cheek isn't redder than the other. I use both sides of the brush, sometimes gently, sometimes not, making his skin warmer & redder. I pick a black paddle and go harder and the slave seems to love it.. He's turned on as if he's at a spa or something. Next up is my furry glove, while I caress his butt. Then back to the black paddle, super hard now. Now, the slave is less comfortable. Then the wooden racket. Now, slave is shaking, He's suffering for real now, which is turning me on. Finally, with the plexiglass paddle, I break the skin. My new goal is for slave to be an artist; to paint the paddle red! Hearing him scream is like foreplay to me. He screams; I laugh. He paints it red;-)