persuaded Bi Sword Fight

In this rare and unscripted video Koi Erotica and I warm up 3 subs to a special evening of kinky festivities.  We quickly get these subs' mouths and cocks acquainted with very aggressive bisexual action. Between sucking cock through a latex husky mask and from between my thighs, taking two cocks at a time, 69, foot worship etc. we make these subs entertain us with non stop humiliating activity! Wouldn't you love to join us?  We are hosting an event on 4/20: 

Bathtub Scissors Challenge

Only the luckiest and hardest working slaves are spoilt to the point of joining me in my bathtub.  I'm wearing a transparent latex suit and wrap my strong thighs around his head and neck to challenge him and improving his breath control. I like seeing how much it will take for slaves to tap with my scissors. Who needs a gym when you a slave to squeeze? I hold him in various positions, facesitting and scissoring until he turns red.  Everytime slave taps I submerge him. Between keeping him at the edge and pushing him to the point of getting dunked I'm getting a nice leg workout.


Post Orgasm Blowjob Torture

My gimp patient is wearing my dildo harness and bound to the medical cage. Although heavily pacified his cock starts coming to life while I ride his face. I love using my patients as sex toys, and this one hasn't cum in over 2 weeks. I decide to grant him a blowjob...but not from me. I summon another patient and order him to blow my gimp and eat his cum...but the fun doesn't stop there. I want the blowjob to continue. Keep sucking harder even after you've swallowed it all!

Cum Cocktail Contest

Mistress T, Goddess Samantha, Evilyn13, Skylar Hart & Koi Erotica give our 5 gimps a disgusting challenge: Goddess Samantha holds an empty glass and instructs each gimp to cum in it.  Whoever get drained last must either drink the entire glass or wear it, or both. With a room full of beautiful Goddesses motivating our subs every cock gets drained. The pressure is on when its the last two gimps standing... the loser (G. Nasty) ends up with his eyes nose and mouth covered with multiple loads. This clip includes some behind the scenes footage of our Goddess Party this past weekend. 

Pre Party Strapon

In this completely unscripted video I visit Koi Erotica's hotel room and dress her in sexy lingerie, a collar and leash.  We talk about the filthy things we like to do to men and what to expect at the Goddess Party we are heading to that evening.  I'm wearing my 9" realistic strapon dick with latex lingerie and we decide to have a little preparty fun.  Koi loves getting her wet pierced pussy stretched and pounded hard in various positions. Lots of hot and steamy closeups.

Cock Sucking Recovery

The patients at this clinic receive very special care from me. I'm sitting on a bound naked patient and inspecting his cock while he looks up at my latex clad pussy and ass.  His penis needs to be fully functional before he is discharged so I probe him with my sharp wheel, metal claw then I fuck his cock with my uretheral sounds.  So far so good.  My other patient is underneath us, locked under the medical table.  This second one is malnourished and lacking in testosterone.  How very convenient.  I leash him out of the table and instruct him to suck his first cock.  Little does he know that giving blowjobs and licking balls is highly addictive. I can tell by his enthusiasm that this is just the beginning.


In this dangerously sexy film noir I'm dressed in a latex bodysuit, rubber stockings and Catwoman mask.  My lucky slave is wearing only a gas mask and I shine my body all over his hard cock.  Watch me tease and taunt him using my spit, hands, feet and slippery ass.  I make him worship my stockings and reward him with a sexy foot job and hand job which ends in an explosive mess.  Filmed in colour and black and white and a lot of lube :-)

Leopard Latex Worship

In this sexy music video I'm strutting in my Miami hotel room wearing a short gold leopard latex dress, matching sky high bling pumps and my short blonde wig.  Follow my hands as I dance and shine my rubber and imagine you were the lucky one worshiping my perfectly lubed up body.


I cannot get enough deep pounding by my well endowed lover while lying on top of little cuckie. I make him lick my ass while I get fucked hard in my pussy. My lover takes me harder than ever from behind and cums all over my ass cheeks, asshole and cuckie's face. Cuckie proves his worth by licking every last drop off me


I love feeling his fat cock stretch my pussy. After all I could never get fucked like this at home by my cuckold hubby. I clap my hands and order cuckie to crawl on the ground towards me, and to lick my ass while I continue fucking my stud. My useless cuckold has a tiny penis and I prove it by comparing both cocks in my hand. With cuckie underneath me he gets a close up sticky view of what he will never enjoy.