Waterboarding may be an effective technique to persuade people to talk, but I find Cock boarding even easier. The slave is trapped beneath a platform with his useless cock and balls hanging out. I dig my sharp heels, pointy toes, the ball of my foot and curved heel into his tender parts. The slave suffer but doesn't reveal the password. Out comes the urethral sounds- another effective way to make them talk...especially when I simultanesouly stick my high heel in his balls. All of a sudden my work is done:)


I'm teasing you wearing my purple latex bikini and latex spats. I'm smiling at you, stroking your dick, and rubbing it against my shiny skimpy outfit.  My feet are lubed up and I'm using my soles to shine your hard cock.  How long do you think you would last with me on top of you?



He's back for some special testing that requires bondage. He is hooded and made to wear special hand traps that prevent escape and may even help with his nervous habit. Wearing a very skimpy latex uniform I climb on him and toy with him using electrodes on his cock and even an electric sound. I tease him with wartenburg wheels, fuck him with a prostate toy and every now and then I take breaks to spit on his cock and stroke him. I feel that the examination is going very well and reward him with a big juicy treat.



This extremely erotic music video was shot using behind the scenes video footage with a regular camera & a waterproof go pro. I was shooting latex lingerie fashion pics in Miami teasing the camera and ripping my stockings with when I had the urge to drag my photographer through my hotel suite into the light up shower... One of my favourite shower videos ever:-)



My pathetic patient is locked in chastity. His cock is pierced with rings and his ass is dilated with a huge metal device. I climb on his face and ride the huge dildo on his face. At least he is good for something. I moulded a huge black cock from another patient who was under during surgery. While grind on the face dildo I grab my wartenburg wheel and run it up and down loser's useless cock. Too bad he can't see me but maybe he can smell me. The dildo face harness feels amazing in me and I ride him facing him. Next its time to penetrate the patient using my strapon and urethral sound... simultaneously. A medical professional like myself take pride in extra thorough examinations.



I like to save the best part for last: hardcore caning! I start with a stiff black cane. Then a thin bamboo one. I start to break the skin with this one. I hit soft sometimes but mostly really, really hard. Sometimes isolating one cheek. Slave is in lots of pain by the end of the bamboo cane. Next I use a stiff thick black stick and go super hard. Hes and in agony. I even hit his ball sack a few times. Then I inform him that Ill put alcohol on wounds!



Bondage slave meets my cold, intense and sadistic side. I begin with softer flogging and build up to very hard strikes begin his black and upper shoulders. Then I pick up a special flogger with beads and knots on the tips and beat him hard with it. Are you starting to feel me yet? Are you warmed up? I ask while testing out more implements on my red canvas. Slave is in huge pain but he bears with it for me. Watch me use the signal whip and cane with him screaming. I know how much you, the viewer, enjoys living vicariously through this piece of meat as much as I love abusing him:)



I begin with a hairbrush. My goal is to make symmetrical marks, so one cheek isnt redder than the other. I use both sides of the brush, sometimes gently, sometimes not, making his skin warmer & redder. I pick a black paddle and go harder and the slave seems to love it.. He's turned on as if hes at a spa or something. Next up is my furry glove while I carress his butt. Then back to black paddle, super hard now. Now the slave is less comfortable. Then the wooden racket. Now slave is shaking, hes suffering for real now which is turning me on. Finally with the plexiglass paddle I breaks the skin: My new goal is for slave to be an artist, to paint the paddle red! Hearing him scream is like foreplay to me. He scream, I laugh. He paints it red;-)



I am a twisted prison Psych Nurse dressed in tight latex with a huge appetite for torture and sex. My female prisoner gets locked in a bondage cage and made to watch through the bars. My chained male slave is made to wear painful hand traps which screw into his fingers as he is a chronic masturbator. I make him lie face up on a stool by the cage, lift my dress up and force him lick my ass while facesitting him. Once I'm properly warmed up a well endowed guard enters my pussy in doggystyle over the slave's face and starts to pound me hard and long. Between switching positions I finger myself and feed my juices to my sexually frustrated male slave, giving him a taste of what he can never have, and all in view of my female prisoner. My stud continues to fuck me hard on top of the cage, making me scream and moan, and he even steps on the male inmate. What ever Nurse Jasmine wants, She gets...



I'm naked on the bed with my slave in bondage and chastity. There's something very sexy about making a slave wear and sealing his airways with my crotch. The latex makes it even more enjoyable because its slippery as well as more challenging for the victim. Watch me completely squeeze him with my pussy and ass facing both front and back while he squirms for his life, over and over again. I don't care if the slave passes out... he did mention a little something about enjoying facesitting ;-)