Amy's Bound to Orgasm

I'm working on a photography project and my model didn't show up today. Thankfully my sexy & super busty girlfriend Amy Anderssen is over and agrees to take her place and I tell her it's a rope bondage shoot. I help her undress and tie her thighs to her ankles to her wrists and photograph her from a few angles. Then the fun begins..... I pull out a powerful vibrator and start using it on her pussy, teasing a bit at first. I continue using it directly on her clit until she cums, but pull away only for a bit and press it back on her pussy driving her crazy. Amy doesn't stop moaning and squirming with overstimulation. This amuses me so much I decide to bind her legs together with the powerful vibrator back on her juicy clit. Time for me to do some shopping and poor Amy has no choice but to keep cumming for me!