My Toilet On Call

The ultimate way to serve me is as my toilet.  My toilet on demand.  Of course you must consume everything that comes out of me and become my on call toilet, bidet and toilet paper. I love how you humiliate yourself for me and at my convinience.  My bladder is so full and all I want from you is for you to assume the toilet position and open your mouth and watch me play with myself.  I give you an intense torrential stream of golden goodness.  Your only job is to flush properly so don't fuck it up.  Anything you miss you must lick up and as your reward you may suck my fingers dry of pussy juice.


Panty Fetish Therapy

You have been coming to me for therapy sessions hoping to cure your panty fetish for almost a year now. Unfortunately for you things are not fact you are getting even more addicted. As a last resort I'm going to try a reserve psychology treatment and immerse you deeply in your desires and make you worship my panties. From now on you will only fantasize about my panties. I take them off and show you how wet I am from all the sex I've been having and how you will serve me. Did you actually think you would overcome your sexual addiction with a doctor like me?

Teasing our Prisoner

Mistress Kandy and I lock up the winner of a slave initiation contest. He is hooded and encased on a steel human cage on wheels. His head is locked in a way that he can't turn it, which we used to our advance. Although he won he is also a loser and we decide to have some fun making him sniff and lick our pussies and asses. Wearing matching lace lingerie and taking turns Ms. Kandy Kink and get on top of the cage and give slave the tease and denial of a lifetime. The only thing he is able to do is smell and lick, while we can poke fun at his, enjoy ourselves and each other's company. Just to make our slave suffer even more I spin the cage while he is suffocated by Ms Kandy Kink.

Vacation in Chastity

Lucky you! A week's vacation with me in an adult resort. You'll be spending it in chastity, though. I will be hooking up with hot guys, and you will be put to work cleaning out my pussy when I get lucky! And you know I will, cuckie.......

Drool Over My Latex

Thanks for buying this hot latex dress. Watch me as I slowly lube it up. Think I'll cause accidents in this outfit? A must for latexlovers! 

Party On the Edge

I knew you were a closet kinkcter when we met on tinder recently.  Only 3 dates later I have you in chastity and we are getting ready in our hotel room for a sex positive party with my friends.  You have been fantasizing about a dominant woman your whole life and here I am.  I want to move forward with you tonight after we are done grinding on the steamy dance floor.  Your cock will be so heavy with metal and cum and you will experience the most erotic tease of your life.  That cock belongs to me.  We have a big bed and after the party you will suck your first cock.  The front desk guy (who knocks on the door and talks to me during the video) is pretty cute. You want to find your way to my pussy right?  I will unlock you only after your first blowjob. There is no reason to be in denial about your sexual orientation in an environment like this.  No one will judge you when you take that big juicy salty cock for me. I knew you were the one...

Latex Worship in Chastity

I'm hanging out at Mistress Damazonia's dungeon preparing to attend a local fetish party.  I'm modelling my skin tight latex dress and kinky rubber heels.  You are my chastity domestic slave and will stay in and take care of the chores.  I will allow you to worship and shine my sexy latex dress though, but you better get every inch from the top to my rubber clad toes.

Penis Reduction Surgery

Penis reduction surgery is a rare procedure and it sure worked on this patient. A few final tests are necessary before he can be released. Raevyn Rose and I love torturing men when they are helpless and pacified. Using sounds, clamps, needles humbler and a cruel spike cock ring we don't hold back on this small dick man. Can he cum through all the pain with my stroking? If you are a fan of CBT you will love this video.


His Hungry Cock

Newbie wannabe slave comes to me hoping to impress me. He is hooded, bound to my bondage chair and his cock and balls get crushed by a humbler. I tease him with my latex clad body and introduce him to urethral sounds. Once his cock is open the possibilities are endless...


Not the Way you Want it

My girlfriend Siren Thorn and I both got lucky the night before and our panties are wet from the cum dripping out of our pussies. Nothing like the morning after for losers like you, right? Yes, you get to suck the juices out of our panties, but you're also getting the remnants of our lovers' cum. Not quite the way you wanted it, is it? But you'll take it! I also reveal my secret to getting panties nice and crusty......A must hear for panty addicts who can't get it any other way!  For more of Siren Thorn, go here: