Balls and Nipples Destroyed

This is a brutal, unscripted, 2 part video. In part 1, my ballbusting sub is first chained to my suspension bar while I stretch, punch and kick his already damaged balls and talk about abusing them until they are symmetrical. In part 2, my girlfriend Mistress Bijou Steal is filming us and I decide to strap his hands behind his back and chain his nipples by the piercings to the overhead suspension chair so he has no way of moving or guarding. I deliver constant hard kicks, knees, punches and twists to his cock and balls occasionally teasing him with my ass. I decide to make this even more difficult by increasing the tension on his nipple ring bondage so that they are being pulled against the ceiling. Stay still or they will rip off! His cock gets harder as the beating increases so I'm doing him a favour by keeping up the swelling.