The Italian Job Duo ~ Breathless Butt Drops

The punishment of this durable tourist continues with Mistress Kandy Kink standing on his sweaty face. This intensely bouncy and unscripted private session was filmed in a hotel room.  I'm surprised that the bed, as well as his face and ribs, are still intact after all the extreme jumping and smothering. We decide to kick it up a notch and practice our flying butt drops on his belly and chest.  We start solo and then try to synchronize our landings.  Smothering him becomes even more brutal when I sit on Mistress Kandy's lap, increasing the pressure on his face.  Lots of jokes and banter between us ladies while we have fun at the Italian's expense.  The human trampoline barely gets any breaks in between to catch his breath and takes it all like a champ!