Pleasure Me in Chastity

I wake up from my beauty rest and demand my sex slave to get up and go to work. He has been napping naked on the floor next to my bed, wearing a heavy metal collar and chain with matching chastity device. I order him on the bed and make him lick my pussy and ass. I wrap my legs around his head and scissor him while he pleasures me. This is the perfect way to start my day. His cock is bulging out of his cage and pre-cum is dripping. I give him the ultimate caged blowjob while he eats me out. Just to tease him, I unlock him to stroke him, then lock him back up. I know he is desperate to cum, but it will not happen. I mount him and ride him with the cage still on. Robocock can barely feel me through the chasity device, but he can definetly feel me smacking his balls. This is not the type of sex he had in mind, but after all, the pleasure is always mine.