Breathless Boss Pantyhose

You certainly won't be earning any privileges with your lack of work ethics.  I called you over to my office to tell you that although I won't be firing you, I will extend your probation period by month if you last for the next few minutes...  I see you have a thing for my legs and pantyhose.  But do you know how legal they are?  The bad news is that once I squeeze the attitude out of you I will end you.  This video was inspired by a recent extreme breath play session in DC:)

It Kinda Gets Me Off

As close to my pussy and ass as he can get: Nothing but a thin nylon film! As I smother him, I inform him I will invite my friend Mistress Damazonia over to sit on my lap while I sit on his face. His dick gets hard from the lack of oxygen, then even harder from the ball busting and slapping I administer. Suffer, slave! It kind of gets me off! 

It's Not Rocket Science

Worshipping the female foot is something that comes naturally to submissive bitches. Still, they need to be taught a thing or two......such as how to remove a high heeled sandal! Bitches need to be trained with some patience, and some punishment, to mould them into the perfect foot servant. 


Ballbusting the Bartender

What happens when my domestic servant messes up a simple cocktail order?  Extreme tongue lashing and severe ball busting to follow, of course.  I deliver hardcore twists, punches, knees and kicks to get my message across.  I start in my high sharp heels and continue barefoot.  I bust him from the front and back, pull his hair, trample his cock and balls, make him cry and remind him that no one will want to fuck him after all this abuse.  Afterwards I tell him to make me another drink.  This time I expect him to get it right.

Fantasy Fornication

A continuation "Fantasy Foreplay"Watch me kiss, lick, ride and get pounded HARD by a well hung stud while I'm in latex & fishnets. Clip contains no verbals but lots of moaning so enjoy like a fly on the wall or imagine that you are with me. This clip is fantastic for cuckolds in training too:)

Domestic Foot Bitch

I pull my leashed my naked slave in my loft and up the stairs.  Parading him around like a little bitch amuses me. While lounging on couch I order him to suck my high heels and lick my soles.  I ignore him and explain to you in detail what I seek in a house bitch: versatility decidation selflessness.  Most wanna subs don't possess these qualities to me therefor will never be in his place. While I allow my extremely eager dirty doormat to remove my heels and worship my feet I tease him for having a hardon.  My girlfriend Siren Thorn is coming over soon so it's time to make us drinks...

Remember What You Said

My slave is locked in the trample floor with his vulnerable parts exposed. I warm him up by sticking my sharp stiletto into his nipples, letting him kiss my shoes and pantyhose, and slapping his stupid face with my pantyhose clad feet. His balls are crushed by a metal humbler and I crop begin to crop them. "Remember what you said?" I remind him that in his email he asked for one thousand lashes from me and that I'm not in the mercy business...

Latex Worship in Chastity

I'm hanging out at Mistress Damazonia's dungeon preparing to attend a local fetish party.  I'm modelling my skin tight latex dress and kinky rubber heels.  You are my chastity domestic slave and will stay in and take care of the chores.  I will allow you to worship and shine my sexy latex dress though, but you better get every inch from the top to my rubber clad toes.

Sweet treat for house bitch

Lady Bellatrix is visiting me from London and I introduce her to you, my house bitch. Not only do you do all the domestic chores you also help me prepare for sessions and shoots. There is a bunch of cold watermelon on the counter top perfect for this hot Summer day. We chew it up, spit it out, and it feels so refreshing oozing between our toes. Its your turn to eat house bitch, and you will dine off the floor.

The Sound of Nylons

What is it about pantyhose that makes you so weak? I know you love the look and the touch, but what about the sound of my smooth nylon clad legs rubbing against each other? In this mesmerizing ASMR style clip I cross and uncross my legs, teasing you and creating friction and sound. You are so pacified and unable to resist my scissor ending.