Mistress Meana and I know you have a weakness for high heels and pantyhose and decide to abuse you for it. I'm wearing my Wolford cuban seamed hose and Meana is wearing assless sheer hose. We instruct you to start by cleaning our dirty high heels and slowly then start teasing you and dangling our shoes in your face exposing our pantyhose encased soles. As our slave your only purpose is to entertain us. We take turns fucking your mouth with our feet and humiliate your small cock… great angles and happy ending for your tiny cock!



What an honor to be a carpet for one of my Femdom parties, but with that honor comes great responsibilities.  That means that even though he's been trampled and worn out over the years, his brutal training continues.  Trampling in stiletto's and with fishnet stockinged feet, I bound the slaves arms behind his back to avoid him wanting to shift my feet to a more comfortable area.  He is there to suffer for me for a long while!